Fraudulent messages: the CAQ calls for caution

Fraudulent messages: the CAQ calls for caution

The Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) calls for caution in the face of the proliferation of fraudulent text messages and e-mails of the “phishing” type aimed at Quebec citizens.< /p>

Many people have received text messages inviting them to click on a link to accept a transfer of $400/$500 offered by the CAQ or to confirm a claim. If you click on the fraudulent links, the criminals are likely to recover your personal or banking information.

Given the magnitude of the situation, the party decided to tweet on the social network Twitter: “ A fraudulent text message is currently circulating saying that an amount of $400 to $600 has been sent to you from us. It is a fraud”, can we read on their publication.[/embed ]

Note that the CAQ had promised sums of $400 and $600 before Christmas to help Quebecers in times of inflation.

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