Friends for the Cause, an organization dedicated to Montreal North

Les Amis pour la cause, an organization dedicated to Montreal North

Group of people who participated in last year's bowling tournament to raise money for the Montreal Children's Hospital.

From its Montréal-Nord office, the charity Friends4Cause(Les Amis pour la cause) continues to work to improve the lives of the less fortunate and the sick, in the borough and elsewhere in Montreal.

In interview with Métro, one of the organization's managers, Carmelo Tortolano, says that his first fundraiser dates back to 2017, and was organized for a cause close to his heart.

“My first event was to raise money for cancer research. My mother died of cancer and it was important for me to organize an event for this cause.”

A cause that leads to another

Mr. Tortolano goes on to say that he met people at this event who inspired him to organize other fundraising campaigns for different causes.

“Some of the people who helped me organize the event were touched by autism since their children or a member of their family lived with this condition. I had promised them to do an event the following year, and that's where our fundraising gala for autism in 2018 was born,” explains the Friends for the Cause volunteer.

Carmelo Tortolano has continued to help others even during the pandemic, setting up an online store selling low-cost groceries for low-income people. He also organized Christmas baskets in partnership with Galileo, a school for adults in Montreal North offering a special program for those living with psychological difficulties.

Galileo is one of the schools that are regularly given money because they offer programs for people with autism to get an education. After discussing with the management, the students came to our local to make Christmas baskets for different causes in 2020 and 2021.

Carmelo Tortolano, one of the leaders of the charity Friends for the Cause

Golf and bowling for the cause

This year, Friends for the Cause organized another tournament golf course to raise funds for three particular organizations, namely the Lighthouse, the Galileo school and the Ally Global Foundation, a voluntary organization fighting against human trafficking. They raised $30,000 divided equally last year and have raised a similar amount this year.

In addition to the golf tournament, the charity is holding another bowling tournament to benefit the Montreal Children's Hospital. At the same time, the organization calls on people to donate gifts to various organizations.

“We are redoing our toy drive this winter and it will take place at the 123 Go store in Rivière- of the Prairies. People can drop off gifts for children from the hospital there or at our local, located at 3177, rue Fleury Est, until December 1st, concludes Mr Tortolano.< /p>

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