From bad beginnings to match to correct

De mauvais débuts de match à corriger

The Canadian managed to come back from the rear face of the Vancouver Canucks, the Calgary Flames and the Winnipeg Jets, but has seen his attempt to rise getting to short in the face of the Edmonton Oilers, during his trip in the Holiday season.

December 27, 2019

Updated on December 29, 2019 at 0h50


From bad beginnings to match to correct

Alexis Belanger-Champagne

The Canadian Press


BROSSARD — The Canadian has had success in the first segment of his trip in the Holiday season, despite the fact that it has granted the first goal in each of his four games.

The character of montreal is one of its strengths, but the Habs would like to avoid ending up in this situation night after night.

“We can’t begin to believe that we’ll manage to come back every night, insisted the attacker Brendan Gallagher. We need to know better starts and play with the lead.”

The Canadian has managed the coup in the face of the Vancouver Canucks, the Calgary Flames and the Winnipeg Jets, but has seen his attempt to rise getting to short in the face of the Edmonton Oilers. It will be even more important for the cast of Claude Julien of knowledge of good beginnings for the meeting and have success in the second segment of his journey, as he crosses the iron with two rivals section.

The Habs will visit the Tampa Bay Lightning on Saturday, then the Panthers in Florida on Sunday, before concluding the year 2019 with a duel against the Hurricanes in Carolina, December 31.

In the third rank

Prior to the resumption of activities in the NHL on Friday night, the Canadian was the third largest of the Atlantic chapter with 42 points. The Panthers were in fourth place with 41 points, while the Lightning finished sixth with 40 points.

“We know at what point the rankings are tight,” admitted Julien. One day, you are in the third place, and then the next day you can drag it to the sixth rank. It is important not to be blinded by the standings. It is necessary to focus on the daily tasks.”

Since his crossing of the desert of eight meetings later in November, the Canadian has regained some confidence with a record of 7-3-0, including a record of 5-1-0 abroad.

Before the departure of the team to Western canada, Julian had hammered that his team needed to play better at home and display the same rigor on the ice rink as it does abroad.

“Do the simple games”

“Sometimes, even without you realizing it, you try to make it a little less foreign, noted the veteran Nate Thompson. You just make the simple games. I think that is what we are doing and what has made us successful.

“We’re going to have to transpose this approach at our home games.”

But before the return to the Bell Centre on January 2, against the Lightning, the Habs will attempt to maintain its assets in the Atlantic chapter.

The Lightning has compiled a record of 6-4-1 since the beginning of the month of December.

“We are preparing to face a very good hockey team, has insisted Gallagher. She earns a bit more since a certain time, and it relies on world class players. It is never easy to win down there.”

As was the case in the canadian West, the Habs should count on the support of its many supporters who have decided to spend the Holidays in Florida.

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