From the great visit to the table of Montréal en Lumière

From the great visit to the table of Montréal en Lumière

Montreal will be able to prove that it is a hostess worthy of the name this winter when it receives the high-calibre visit as part of the gastronomic component of the Montréal en lumière festival to be held from February 16 to March 5, 2023.

In fact, for its 24th edition, the famous winter festival will be under the theme “Montréal receives!”. For the occasion, no less than thirty chefs, winegrowers and producers from the rest of Canada, but also from France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and Scandinavia will arrive in town.

As part of the Air France Bonnes Tables formula, they will be paired up with a restaurateur from metropolitan France to showcase their creativity in our establishments.

La Chronique will open its kitchen to Michelin-starred chef Benoit Neusy, straight from Belgium, French chef Romain Meder, also starred, will be welcomed at Mastard, while Ratafia will host Finnish chef Ina Niiniketo. A third star, Frenchman Lionel Lévy, chef at the InterContinental in Marseille, will be at the Osco! in Old Montreal.

On the wine side, French winemaker Julien Labet will be hosted by Menu Extra, while sommelier Sindie Goineau and Laurent Cazottes of the renowned Domaine Cazottes distillery will be at Chez Victoire restaurant on February 23 for a five-course meal. with exceptional food and wine pairings.

Participating restaurants:

  • Au Petit Extra
  • Auberge Saint-Gabriel
  • < li>Bar George

  • Barroco
  • Beaufort Bistro
  • Beaver Hall
  • Bivouac
  • Blanc Bec (ITHQ)
  • Cabaret L'Enfer
  • Chez Victoire
  • General Staff
  • Ferreira Café
  • foiegwa
  • FOXY
  • Galaxie Brasserie
  • Helicopter
  • Ikanos
  • Kamùy
  • The Chronicle
  • The Mousso
  • Le Virunga
  • Lloyd
  • Maison Boulud
  • Mastard
  • Extra Menu
  • Monarque
  • Moneme
  • My Rabbit
  • Okeya Kyujiro
  • Osco!
  • Pastel
  • Ratafia
  • < li>Renoir (Sofitel Montreal)

  • ITHQ restaurant
  • H3 restaurant
  • Rosélys (Queen Elizabeth Hotel)
  • Rose Ross
  • Nordheimer Terrace
  • Crazy!

More still

In addition to this special formula, a host of other gourmet activities will be offered to festival-goers. Conferences, tastings, demonstrations, culinary workshops, aperitifs and symposiums will all be held on the festival site.

Thus, on February 19 Marie-Michelle Chouinard (aka A vegan mom) will present her vegan desserts, on February 26, nutritionist Geneviève O’Gleman will show how to transform her leftovers in a gourmet way and, on February 25, Abenaki chef Jacques T. Watso will discover an ancestral recipe highlighting the cuisine of the First Peoples.< /p>

In addition to gastronomy, as every year, many activities, such as the Ferris wheel or a skating trail, will be offered for the whole family during spring break. The Nuit blanche will celebrate its 20th anniversary on February 25 and several musical shows will be performed in various halls of the Quartier des spectacles.

The complete program can be found here.

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