From wrestling to theater thanks to the ROYALMANIA festival

De the fight in the theater thanks to the ROYALMANIA festival

“Dick the Turd” is the free rewriting of one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays: “Richard III”.

The Théâtre Aux Écuries stage will be transformed into a ring during ROYALMANIA, a wrestling-theatre festival to be held from September 6 to 24, to launch the program for the 2022-2023 season.

On the occasion of this worm-friendly event that will marry humor and the grandiose, you will be able to attend four shows as well as free activities around wrestling and theater.

Two creations , Agamemnon in the ring, which revisits the Trojan War and mixes alexandrines, rock opera and choreographed fights, and Dick the Turd, a rewrite of Richard III< /em> by Shakespeare in the form of a wrestling gala, will be at the heart of the three weeks of festivities.

Also on the menu: a reading by Justin Laramée of the text Champion, written by Maxime Champagne, and Squatwhen the place inspires the game, an improvisation show with the actor Frédéric Barbusci. 

Tickets for these four shows are available now.

Among Free activities not to be missed include a lab outing by the creative company DynamO Théâtre. In addition, Canadian professional wrestling historian and TVA sports journalist Pat Laprade as well as wrestlers Matt Falco and Benjamin Tull will be among the guests of shows and podcasts recorded live. Microbrewery beers and hot dogs will be sold on site, helping to create an arena atmosphere. 

Combining these two disciplines is in tune with the times, says the general manager co-artistic director of the Théâtre Aux Écuries, Marcelle Dubois. “Several creators are conducting theatrical research on the rapprochement of this popular art which stirs the crowds that is the fight and a desire to find this same excess in contemporary theater”, she adds. 

Théâtre Aux Écuries wanted to pre-open its 2022-2023 season with a larger-than-life event, which brings people together, which exults, which allows laughter and exclamation. 

The the full line-up for this season, which should be marked by an abundance of original works and creations, as well as dantesque fiction, object theater and documentary theatre, will be unveiled on August 23. 

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