Frustration widespread among the Canadian

Frustration généralisée chez le Canadien

Carey Price is coming off the worst sequence of three games of his career. It provided 16 of the 20 goals allowed by the Habs in the last three meetings.

November 29, 2019 20h46


Frustration widespread among the Canadian

Alexis Belanger-Champagne

The Canadian Press


BROSSARD — Carey Price has seen the worst sequence of three games of his career, and even the guardian recognised for his calm finally had to vent his frustration Thursday night, smashing his stick after being granted a fifth goal to the Devils in New Jersey.

Price was granted 16 of the 20 goals allowed by the Habs in the last three meetings. He quickly left the Bell Centre after the sixth setback in a row for the Canadian, on Thursday, and was held away from the microphones of the members of the media Friday morning.

“I would say that he is also frustrated that all the world, said head coach Claude Julien when he was asked about the state of the soul of its keeper. Carey Price is no different from the rest of the team or coaches. It is frustrating to lose six matches in a row.

“When we look at what is happening, it can also be frustrating for him. We have seen goals, and Carey Price can stop, but we’ve also seen big stops Carey Price. What is frustrating, is that we need to be able to help a little. Yesterday [Thursday], when you look at the number of odd man rushes, and we are not helping, clearly not. It amounts to the same thing. It is an aspect of the team, we will get through this together. It is up to everyone else to do the job the right way.”

The crossing of the desert of Canada is all the more frustrating in that it occurs during his long stay at home of the season.

This is the first time since at least his debut in the NHL in 1917 as the Canadian lost four games in a row during the same stay at home. It is also the first time since October 1985 that the team concedes at least six goals in three consecutive parts.

“We look at what we do wrong, we are aware that we need much better play, said Julien. It goes back to what I say. With the washer, we do good things, we have a chance to score. We scored four goals [Thursday]. The problem is without the puck, we’re not playing well. We need to better defend themselves. We see that there are players who want to do too much. Sometimes, doing a little less is better.”

At this level, Brendan Gallagher had said after the loss against the Devils that the players could not play in fear of making a mistake.

“It is a sport quick. Things are going quickly and when it goes wrong, this is not an excuse, but it seemed like everything that could go wrong happens, ” said Max Domi, Friday. It is like that. We need to work to get through. We are all in the same boat. We will go through together. This is what makes a team better, when you find the way to pass through during the difficult times.”

Kinkaid in front of the net

Julien has confirmed that it plans to send Keith Kindaid in front of the net for one of the two games of the weekend, either Saturday afternoon against the Philadelphia Flyers at the Bell Centre, or Sunday night against the Bruins in Boston.

Kinkaid was thrown into the lions ‘ den on Tuesday, in relief in Price, while the Bruins were already 5-1. It did nothing to help the Habs, giving the other three goals.

The veteran 30-year-old has also already experienced the ups and downs of the NHL, settling briefly as a goalkeeper number one for the Devils in the spring of 2018 before experiencing trouble in the following winter.

“All the guardians feel a sense of frustration when everything is not in point, has mentioned Kinkaid back to the time when Price broke his stick on Thursday night. I think he wanted to make an important save to keep us in the game. He never wants to give purpose.

“I’m not worried. We rely on a good team, a team that has character and an attack to be balanced. We just need to tighten the game in the enclave and in the defensive zone.”

Julien had decided to keep its troops away from the rink Friday morning, preferring to send them to vent their frustration at the gym. Only Charles Hudon, Mike Reilly, Cale Fleury and Kinkaid have graced the ice at the Bell sports Complex.

“The secret to reverse the trend is quite simple. We must simply do our job. It should not seek to do the work of the other, but rather hers. Sometimes when you want too, it doesn’t work.”



MONTREAL — If the Canadian wants to move to the surface rather than continue to sink, the players of the club must return to a better state of mind, ” said head coach Claude Julien after a defeat of 6-4 in the face of the New Jersey Devils, Thursday night.

The most basic mistakes have hurt the Canadian, particularly in the last three meetings. Julien admitted that the series of defeats began, perhaps, to affect his players.

“The biggest challenge when you know a bad clip is to keep the players in a good state of mind, to ensure that they remain focused,” explained Julien. Is it that we were perfect defensively during the first 20 games? No. But we were not as bad as now. […] We made fewer mistakes than now. It was mostly our work to the disadvantage digital that we were doing poorly.

“We need to help the players to regain the right state of mind, relax and do the right things.” The canadian Press

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