Gallagher believes the Canadiens are in the right direction

Gallagher believes the Canadiens are in the right direction

Discussions between Brendan Gallagher's agent and Marc Bergevin for the signing of a new pact have not officially started, but the Habs' fifth-round choice in 2010 is not worried.

Share September 14, 2020 5:33 p.m. Updated at 11:45 p.m. Share Gallagher believes the Canadian is in the right direction Frédéric Daigle The Canadian Press Jaw fracture or not, Brendan Gallagher was considering returning to the game if the Montreal Canadiens had defeated the Flyers of Philadelphia in the first round of the National Hockey League playoffs.

Gallagher had time to witness his own narrow loss in Game 6 before undergoing surgery necessitated by the double face failure Matt Niskanen gave him in Game 5.

“I would have come back to the game,” he said during a teleconference from his residence in British Columbia on Monday. It would have taken a little while after the operation to get the green light. But that has already been seen before and it is only a question of obtaining the agreement of the doctors. If we had eliminated the Flyers, I would have come back somewhere in the other series. ”

Instead, the Canadian lost 3-2 in the last game and the Flyers reached the next round. For Gallagher, it is nevertheless a clue that the Habs are going in the right direction.

“I think it will be huge for us in the future, for our young players – especially our two young centers,“ Suzu ”(Nick Suzuki) and“ KK ”(Jesperi Kotkaniemi) – who have taken huge steps forward. . “

A step forward that must have pleased Gallagher. The spirited 28-year-old forward, who was also bothered by a hip injury against the Flyers, will play in the next campaign – when it starts – the last year on his contract and he has indicated in the past that he wants be in a winning environment.

“Money is important, I won't tell you it isn't. But no matter how much I am given, it will be enough to live a happy life after my career. I want to have fun, enjoy my experience and have the opportunity to win. You want to be remembered for being a winner.

“We often tell you how much we love to play together, but if we want it to stay that way, there will have to be results,” he continued. Every year that you don't win, the expectations get higher. I think that starting next season, that will be the case again and we will have to do the job. ”

In the right direction

And Gallagher believes the Canadiens are well on their way to taking that step he lacks in being a contender every year.

“I've always believed this team could win. We needed a series experience to understand it. We beat a very good team in Pittsburgh. We came very close to beating the Flyers then. We still have some way to go, but management is taking the necessary steps to make the changes so that we find ourselves in this situation again, with a different outcome.

“There are so many positive elements here: our goalie, our young centers,” he added later during the call. Suzuki really hatched. He demonstrates skills in his game that cannot be taught. “KK” is so young, he will be playing his third season at 20 and you can see his development. At 20, I arrived in the pros, he has two seasons in the NHL behind the tie. (…) We see lots of positive signs. “

Discussions between his agent and Marc Bergevin for the signing of a new pact have not officially started, but the choice of fifth round of the Habs in 2010 is not worried.

“These conversations will take place. I think both parties are open (to sign a new pact). My job is to play to the best of my ability and help this team win next year when I still have a valid contract. My agent will take care of that and the team will do what is best for them. ”

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