Garlic in the Nose: The Dangerous New Fad on TikTok

Garlic in the nose: the dangerous new craze on TikTok

The #garlicinnose challenge is nonsense!

In a roast beef, in a bolognese sauce & # 8230; or in the nostrils! You probably never knew how much can be done with garlic cloves. On TikTok, many young people want to believe in the nose decongestion power of this condiment. A new craze which is not virtual and which is above all not without danger. & Nbsp;

Sensitive souls, abstain. If you're prone to gag at the sight of dripping mucus, you might want to avoid these videos that are all the rage on TikTok now.

This is not a new challenge, but rather a supposedly miraculous solution that young members of the social network are trying to tout. They take two fresh garlic cloves & # 8211; some peel them, some don't. Then, they stick them in each of their nostrils before revealing a second part filmed not very raging. These TikTokers try to prove that this manipulation allows to unclog the sinuses and to perform an effective washing.

In this period of active circulation of many viruses, this new challenge generated by the Chinese social network is not trivial. Not only do participants tell their community that this solution is safe, but their videos have already been viewed several million times. & Nbsp;

@ hwannah5

**** warning: Snot *** This is not dangerous. the garlic just clean your sinuses out. #comedy #safe #fyp #garlicinnose #shaquilleoneal @ jdean40

♬ original sound & # 8211; hwannah5

In the United States, many doctors are passing the baton to warn about the dangers of this practice. No scientific study has ever proven the beneficial effect of this pseudo-wash. Worse, this attempt can cause inflammation and make the lining thinner. à

According to the American media Insider , this trick could even end up causing bleeding if it is operated several times. As for understanding the reasons for the profuse discharge of mucus when the garlic cloves are removed, this is only a logical reaction to the obstruction of the nasal cavities.

Source of manganese, vitamin B6 , iron or copper, garlic can of course be a healthy ally, but only when it is used in a culinary preparation, if not as an oil or as a food compliment to swallow '' not to be inserted in the nose! & nbsp;

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