GeeBee continues its course

GeeBee continues its course

GEEBEEs are used in particular on the grounds of Bishop's University in Lennoxville.

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Andréanne Beaudry La Tribune SHERBROOKE – Three independent experts assessed the candidacy of the Sherbrooke company GeeBee for obtaining the international Efficient Solution seal from the Solar Impulse foundation. Already, their electric scooter is among the 1000 clean and profitable solutions in the world.

According to Concept GeeBee president Sabine Le Nevannau, the goal of the Solar Impulse Foundation is to select and thus promote these numerous solutions, which are at the same time clean, sustainable and profitable.

Bertrand Piccard, the creator of this Foundation, is an active person in the fight against climate change. “He wanted to demonstrate that there were solutions and technologies other than those using fossil fuels,” says Sabine Le Nevannau.

In fact, there are alternative solutions, in various fields such as mobility, waste or water treatment, energy and even agriculture, underlines the president, by way of example.

“It is not true that the fight against climate change or the proposition of sustainable solutions costs money. On the contrary, it is profitable, and it is also good for the creator, but also for the people who will adopt it such as companies, government or organizations, for example. It is really for these reasons that I find it interesting, ”she explains.

The application was submitted on June 3. Since then, three independent experts have carefully assessed the case using calculations, including the one on the impact of the scooter on greenhouse gas emissions.

“For us, it's important because the seal brings a certain credibility. When it is us or our clients who say it, it is one thing, but in this case, it is independent experts who evaluate these solutions ”, rejoices Sabine Le Nevannau.

GeeBees are used in public and private organizations in Quebec as well as abroad, including France, Belgium, the United States and soon Mexico. For the president of the Sherbrooke company, this recent recognition is characterized as “validation of our arguments” on the decarbonization of transport.

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The efforts are paying off

Soon, Sabine Le Nevannau would like to add a string to her bow, namely the development of charging stations and a three-wheeled GeeBee model. “In addition, they will benefit substantially from the same things as the scooter, because they will be made the same way.”

The latter does not hide that the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the marketing of GeeBees, since it usually takes place in trade fairs and international missions. “We really have to try the GeeBee”, explains Sabine Le Nevannau about the sale of her product.

For the moment, several orders have been postponed until next year, however sales are increasing in Europe, observes Sabine Le Nevannau.

The difficulties of other companies and the uncertainty related to the pandemic inevitably affect Concept GeeBee. “I would say that all the work that we have been doing over the past few years is paying off. Our business growth has only been less than expected, ”she said.

The company continues to expand in certain American states, in addition to taking the time to consolidate its markets.

According to Sabine Le Nevannau, Mexico is also in the company's sights, mainly to meet the needs of the agricultural industry.

“With the pandemic, we must focus on sectors that are perhaps less shaken like agriculture rather than that of recreotourism.”

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