Get the suspect (s) on board with the “One way” series

Enter embark the suspect (s) with the series & laquo; One way & rdquo;

The 'One Way' Series Cast

What happens when six strangers are invited to a billionaire's house, but things don't go exactly as planned? Go One Way , Novoo's new suspenseful series broadcast on Wednesdays at 8 p.m., muddles the waters to better surprise.

They are a criminal lawyer, retired professor, marketing director, businesswoman, art dealer, ex-police officer or engineer. They do not know each other. While a helicopter transports them to the prestigious Val Beaulac domain, an emergency landing forces them to find refuge in a chalet cut off from the world & # 8230; and to indulge in some confidences.

Despite an idyllic autumnal setting, the atmosphere quickly becomes suffocating. With two deaths in two episodes, One way is off to a strong start. “The story will subsequently develop in a different way,” warns Bernard Dansereau, co-writer with Annie Piérard and Étienne Piérard-Dansereau.

The creators wanted to place the game, the playful aspect, at the heart of this series designed in the style of a detective novel by Agatha Christie or the game Clue . “There is a form of interactivity in whodunit . When you watch the show, it's hard not to form a theory, ”believes Bernard Dansereau. The writing trio took particular care “not to reveal everything in the same shot , because each character has something interesting to tell us,” he adds.

In tune with the times

“We wanted to dust off this classic of the genre by addressing various very current themes, such as the limits of the justice system in the first episode,” continues Bernard Dansereau. “There was a will not to do something empty. This reflection on the human being becomes clearer as we go, ”promises Annie Piérard.

From sexual assault to wild capitalism, including mental health, the culture of banishment and social networks , One way could not be more current. According to Bernard Dansereau, tackling questions about the era through a dramatic work is, in fact, the essence of his profession.

With One way , we wanted to be entertaining while being relevant.

Bernard Dansereau, co-writer

To do this, he was able to count on the director of the series Yan Lanouette Turgeon as well as on actors – including Caroline Dhavernas, Samian, Nathalie Doummar and Marc Beaupré – of high caliber. “They went exactly in this direction, and knew how to play with classic codes while adding a really cool touch,” emphasizes Bernard Dansereau.

Finally, “the series was conceived as a whole. At the end of the sixth episode, it's done. There is no unanswered question, ”he replies to the curious who might wonder if the mystery will be solved at the end of the final sixth episode. On the other hand, Bernard Dansereau confides having had so much fun with his team for One way that there could, perhaps, “be a sequel”. To be continued!

Spotlight on the distribution of One way

  • Caroline Dhavernas is Julie Sicotte , businesswoman
  • Éric Bruneau is Éric Dubois, criminal lawyer
  • Samian is Éli Madokan, former police officer converted to security guard
  • Rémi-Pierre Paquin is Pierre-Luc Jodoin, religious art dealer who leads a double life with Manuela Farouk
  • Nathalie Doummar is Manuela Farouk, engineer
  • Luc Picard is Denis Théberge, retired professor of literature
  • Anie Pascale is Anne-Renée Lanctôt, marketing director who suffers from depression and addiction
  • Marc Beaupré is Guillaume Frenet, helicopter pilot
  • < strong> Anick Lemay is Juliette Michaud, investigator
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