GHG emission reduction targets: wait for the action plan, said Benoit Charette

Cibles de réduction des GES: attendez le plan d’action, dit Benoit Charette

The minister of the environment, Benoit Charette hopes to have a scientific advisory committee and request an annual report on the Fund electrification and climate change as a sustainable development commissioner who reports to the auditor general.

January 21, 2020 22h51


GHG emission reduction targets: wait for the action plan, said Benoit Charette

Cibles de réduction des GES: attendez le plan d’action, dit Benoit Charette

Olivier Bossé

The Sun


As you begin the study of the draft law on the governance of the fight against climate change in Quebec, some wonder why no reduction target of greenhouse gas (GHG) does not appear. The minister of the Environment is not against, but insists on the fact that the means will come with the future plan of action.

“I’m not arriving on day one with this or that amendment, but I approach the auditions with the ability to listen constructively. Maybe some would be reassured if we incorporated [the target] in the act. But we must not confuse the project of law on governance and the action plan presented in a few weeks, which will be more focused on the means,” said Benoit Charette, Tuesday, at its entrance by a parliamentary committee.

A little later, his boss, said from the world economic Forum in Davos with the head of the store or in the clan of the american president climatosceptique Donald Trump, nor in that of the young environmental activist Greta Thunberg. The two are also in Davos.

“I’m from the clan balanced. One must be able both to create wealth in Quebec, because we have a backlog, and we should make more effort to reduce our GHG emissions. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to be balanced”, said prime minister François Legault, admitting to having a “disagreement” with the president Trump.

“It is necessary that the United States, it is necessary that the Asia, it is necessary that all countries in the world to do more to reduce greenhouse gases to save our planet”, says the prime minister of Quebec.

A lot of power

For the effective governance of the fight against climate change and to foster electrification, the project of law 44 reform the management mode of the green Fund, a fund that was enriched by approximately $ 800 million per year through the carbon market. It renames the Fund electrification and climate change (FECC).

Mr. Charette wants to abolish the board of management and gain more power than ever in history for a minister of the Environment. It would create a scientific advisory committee and request an annual report on the FECC to the sustainable development commissioner under the auditor-general.

“The bill provides the necessary policy tools to move forward, while the action plan will give concrete ways to reach our target”, he said, are for 2030 GHG reduction of 37.5% for Québec as a whole compared to 1990.

It is already known that the reduction target of 20 % for 2020 has been largely missed and is 8.7 % less than in 1990.

The little friends

In turn, the opposition parties had fallen to arm shortcuts on the minister Charette and his project of law 44. All of these powers in the hands of one man, political in addition, do not augur well, according to them.

“It’s the return of a green Fund that will be used in a discretionary manner, for friends, relatives or projects completely discretionary, the minister may choose”, ahead of Sylvain Gaudreault, the Parti québécois.

“The risk is there! The minister will have full power and authority to do that. And it goes exactly in the opposite direction of what is being done right now at the international level on climate issues, more transparency, more accountability, more independence,” says Mr. Gaudreault.

The liberal Marie Montpetit is “very disturbing” to “centralize powers, to eliminate the more notice that could be door-to-fake with their actions”, a major trend in the government of the Coalition avenir Québec, ” she says.

“Bill 44 is really the path to failure and the failure of the transition [energy]”, thinks Ruba Ghazal, of Québec solidaire.

“The minister tells us : “trust me! I’m going to manage the money in the green Fund, to the best of my knowledge and if it doesn’t, the next election, you give me the signal that I have not done the good deal.” But it is more than $ 1 billion! And it is Quebeckers ‘money, our money that should be used to achieve the goals of GHG reduction and do not be managed policy, but completely independent” sums up the solidarity Ghazal.

These public hearings will continue on Wednesday at the parliament of Quebec, with the anticipated presence of the actor and environmental activist Dominic Champagne, the mayor of Montreal’s Valerie Plante and people from the environmental organization of Quebec Living in the city.

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