“Giants with feet of clay”: fatherhood differently

«Giants with feet of clay”: fatherhood differently

We regularly talk about issues related to masculinity, but less often in a positive way. Without veiling the face, the comic strip Giants with feet of clay by Mark McGire and Alain Chevarier – available in bookstores since October 24 – seizes on this question to deliver a story to the both benevolent and instructive.  

Although they are two “progressive” men, Pat and Mathieu find it difficult to assume their role as fathers, being confronted with their own limits.  

As their spouses earn more money than and travel constantly, the two forties have to take care of the house and the children, which implies certain professional sacrifices. A former basketball player – hence the word “giant” in the title – Pat, now a teacher, is taking a year off to devote himself to his family, among other things.  

Certainly, the two men of Clayfoot Giants have difficulty expressing their emotions, which sometimes take the form of anger. However, they also have to deal with the incomprehension of their spouses, who struggle to give legitimacy to their feelings. 

The fear of repeating their parents' mistakes adds to the characters' angst of being “bad fathers.” This fear even prompts Pat to do some kind of investigation into the past of his own father, a now alcoholic Vietnam War veteran. 

“Giants with feet of clay”: fatherhood differently

Mark McGire, who is also a teacher, was inspired by his experience to write this comic which speaks of masculinity without falling into the denunciation of toxic masculinity or patriarchy. &nbsp ;

As for the illustrations, Alain Chevarier's work skilfully captures the tone of the story with its effective lines, going straight to the point. We hope that the two men will collaborate again on a future comic strip, so successful is this work. 

Published by Moelle Graphik, Giants with feet of clay is a courageous and moving work that manages to address in all their complexity the themes of parenthood and masculinity.  

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