Gildor Roy will replace Patrick Huard at the animation of “La Tour”

Gildor Roy will replace Patrick Huard as the host of “La Tour”

Gildor Roy

As the character of Commander Chiasson in District 31 is preparing to retire, we learn that his interpreter, Gildor Roy, will replace Patrick Huard at the ;presentation of the show La Tour from September on TVA.

Gildor Roy has acknowledged that he will have big shoes to fill to replace Patrick Huard, who has been piloting the show for two years now.

“Patrick does an absolutely extraordinary job, sparking open and frank discussions, where all opinions are welcome. The audience clearly appreciates these stimulating and respectful exchanges. I intend to continue in this direction and take up this challenge with as much pride as humility,” said Gildor Roy.

The actor is not new to animation. Indeed, both on television and on the radio, he held the helm of many programs with verve and humor, such as Caféine, Le show du matin and, more recently, The TV on the couch.

The senior director of channels and programming at TVA, Nathalie Fabien, thinks that the public's love of Gildor Roy will continue as he will continue to accompany them daily this fall. “We are happy to welcome him back to TVA,” she added.

The broadcaster wanted to thank Patrick Huard for his past two years as a host. “Certainly, with all the talent he possesses, Gildor Roy will in turn be able to bring his uniqueness and take up this new challenge hands down!” said Denis Dubois, vice-president of original content at Quebecor Content.

The latter assured that surprises are to come for the next season. “There are even rumors that other condos are also for sale in La Tour!”, he said.

Patrick Huard announced last February that he would be leaving La Tour because he wants to return to writing, directing and acting.

Season 2 of La Tour will continue with Patrick Huard until April 7, 2022, Monday to Thursday, at 7 p.m., on TVA. He will soon receive the visit of Mariloup Wolfe, Patrice L'Écuyer, Édith Cochrane, Daniel Boucher, Jean-Thomas Jobin, Luc Picard and Claude Legault, we let it be known.

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