Government assistance plan: Quebec restaurateurs say they are relieved

Government assistance plan: Quebec restaurateurs say they are relieved

David Lefebvre describes this provincial program as “the most generous in Canada for the moment”.

Share October 1, 2020 6:21 p.m. Updated at 10:49 p.m. Share Government assistance plan: Quebec restaurateurs say they are relieved Jessica Beauplat The Canadian Press MONTREAL – David Lefebvre, Vice-President of Restaurants Canada, is delighted with the government assistance plan for support restaurants and bars in Quebec announced Thursday at a press briefing.

He attests that his enthusiasm is also shared by its members who demanded financial support to cover fixed costs such as rent and association fees during the period when restaurants in the red zone are closed.

“We are very happy for two reasons: the program was set up quickly, less than 72 hours after the announcement of the restaurant closings and less than 24 hours after the closure of the restaurants in the red zone; we are also happy that it applies to all restaurants and bars. ”

He describes this provincial program as “the most generous in Canada so far”. This program includes “forgivable” loans – the “forgiveness” cannot exceed 80% of the amount of the loan taken or $ 15,000.

Mr. Lefebvre says he is satisfied with the government's desire to work with restaurateurs on this file.

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Same story with the Association des restaurateurs du Québec. In a telephone interview with The Canadian Press, François Meunier seems relieved. “It's not a program that is perfect, there are certainly needs that will be forgotten, but it is help that is ultimately welcome for the establishments which have to close their doors today”, emphasizes -he.

“It will keep us alive and it will allow us to keep our heads above water,” he said, also qualifying the assistance from the Quebec government as “generous”. However, he would like to remind you that the next few months will be difficult. “We can forget the holiday season,” he said, adding that he wanted restaurants to reopen as soon as possible.

“The Federation of Chambers of Commerce of Quebec (FCCQ) welcomes the measures to help affected businesses,” one could also read in a press release. The FCCQ specifies, however, that to ensure the effectiveness of the program, these sums must be quickly accessible to those who need them.

She would also like “that the conditions of the program are flexible as much as possible, in particular on the concept of forgivable loan. The main thing is to quickly support the greatest number of businesses in order to avoid permanent closures, ”said Charles Milliard, President and CEO of the FCCQ.

“The program should also adapt to the situation, so continue beyond October 28 and be enhanced as needed. We are confident that the government will be attentive to this effect and take the right steps, ”he said.

The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal welcomes the aid measures announced and “would like to congratulate the Prime Minister, François Legault, the Minister of Economy and Innovation, Pierre Fitzgibbon, as well as the Minister of Finance. , Eric Girard, for having heard the distress of restaurateurs and bar owners and for having developed an immediate response ”.

Tomorrow the CAQ government will announce aid measures in the cultural sector.

– This report was prepared as part of the Facebook and The Canadian Press News Scholarship program.

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