Green energies: investments are catching up with fossil fuels

Égreen energies: investments are catching up with fossils

Global investments in green energy in 2022 have caught up, for the first time in history, with global investments in fossil fuels, with a global sum of approximately $1.1 trillion each.  

At the same time, it is an acceleration compared to the previous year, when these investments in the “energy transition” were around 850 billion, according to the latest annual report from the firm BloombergNEF on the subject, published on January 26. Virtually all the sectors covered have reached new records in terms of investments in 2022: renewable energies (which includes solar, wind and biofuels), energy storage, electric transport, hydrogen… The only exception being the nuclear energy.

Égreen-energy: investments are catching up the fossils

Source: BloombergNEF 

Renewable energy investment alone reached $495 billion, up 17% from compared to 2021, followed by those in the electric transport sector at $466 billion, but which are up 54%. 

China outperforms everyone, according to BloombergNEF, with investments of $546 billion, far ahead of the European Union ($180 billion, three-quarters of which in Germany) and the United States ($141 billion). < /p>

This report comes the same week as a completely different type of assessment, but which points in the same direction: in Europe in 2022, solar and wind produced more electricity than gas (22% vs. 20%), a historic first, according to a report by energy consulting firm Ember. 


If there is bad news for the climate crisis is that all these investments in low-carbon technologies are still below what is needed to achieve the carbon neutrality target in 2050: for that, investments would have to triple, not in 2050, but within the next decade. 

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