Green lunch: let the cossins do their thing

Eco-lunch: let it be the cossins 

Did you know that an average lunch box generates nine pieces of waste? If you multiply by the number of school days and the number of students or employees, the number is dizzying! 

For me, back to school rhymes with possibilities! What if, this year, we challenged ourselves to adopt a greener lunch box? But beware, eco-friendly does not mean getting small reusable bags and containers in pretty colors. I admit, it's tempting… But buying so-called eco-responsible objects and accessories is not at all so, at least if our cupboards are overflowing with plastic dishes, pouches and water bottles – less pretty, it's true – but just as practical! First, we make do with what we have and only buy when needed. 

Zero-waste cooking is creative and tasty, we know that. Your challenge will be to add an empty-fridge touch to your lunches in order to reduce their ecological footprint. For example, simply boil apple cores and peelings to obtain a tasty homemade juice, to drink hot or cold. 

As for the sandwiches, have fun making them. garnish with whatever you have on hand. A restaurant chain has also made its success with this concept… I say that, I say nothing… So you still have a bottom of a jar of olives? Perfect! You can add it to the bottom of the mayonnaise pot and thus revive your somewhat dry bread. And if you have a surplus of carrot salad, I invite you to add it too.  

Afraid of running out of inspiration? Cook on canvas! Take your favorite cookie recipe and allow yourself to substitute the toppings with whatever you have on hand. So one week you'll be cooking with chocolate chips, but the next week you can dispose of leftover dried cranberries – oh yeah, and why not add a little zest of that stunted clementine?

We bet that your zero-waste lunches will make all your colleagues jealous! 

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