Gun control: “Enough is enough, let's be an example in the world!”

Gun Control: “Ç’enough, let's be an example to the world!”

A week of activities and workshops is organized to mark the 5th commemoration in memory of the six victims of the shooting at the Great Mosque of Quebec.

The Quebec City Mosque and PolySeSouvient, which have experienced two gun-related tragedies, urge the Canadian and Quebec governments to take action against guns.

The Mosque of Quebec, in collaboration with PolySeSouvient, hosted a panel on gun control on Wednesday evening as the 5th anniversary of the Quebec Mosque killings will be commemorated in a few days. They attempted to answer the following question:Five years later: What has changed in gun control ?

In this sense, a letter asking that actions be taken to counter the proliferation of handguns is addressed to the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, as well as to the Minister of Public Security, Marco Mendicino. Another letter is addressed to the Premier of Quebec, François Legault, and to the Minister of Public Security, Geneviève Guilbault, asking them to support the federal action.

Several shooting victims participated in the panel and added their voices to the demand addressed to governments. This is the case of Louise De Sousa, mother of Anastasia De Sousa who died in the Dawson College tragedy in Montreal in 2006. This is the case of Nathalie Provost, survivor of Polytechnique, and Mohameb Khabar, survivor of the massacre. of the Quebec Mosque. They demand an end to inaction.

Enough is enough, let's be an example to the world!

The co-founder and word of the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec, Boufeldja Benabdallah

“When we arrive in an election campaign, the words are beautiful, but they are empty. For us, it’s worrying and it’s frustrating, ”explains Nathalie Provost, who had slammed the door of the Canadian Advisory Committee on Firearms (CCCAF) in 2019, feeling instrumentalized. Mohamed Khabar, shot twice, will never forget the cries of the children. “These weapons sow fear and death in Canada.”

A terrorist attack left 6 dead and 5 seriously injured at the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec on January 29, 2017. The victims are Ibrahima Barry, Mamadou Tanou Barry, Khaled Belkacemi, Aboubaker Thabti, Azzedine Soufiane and Abdelkrim Hassane.

Growing impatience

“Shame that in a country that wants to be peaceful, handguns are still proliferating,” says the co-founder and spokesperson of the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec, Boufeldja Benabdallah. Five years later, Mr. Benabdallah is sorry to see that no legislation or legislation under consideration to counter the proliferation of firearms has emerged.

Since May 2020, Canada has prohibits the use, sale or importation of assault style firearms (Bill C-21) by Order in Council. After many years of inaction, the measure was applied two weeks after the worst massacre in Canada, in Portapique, Nova Scotia, where 22 people were killed, explains the founder and coordinator of PolySeSouvient, Heidi Rathjen. Instead, the parties present would like Canada to be “brave” and enshrine it in law. In the event of a change of government, these measures could be reversed, fears Ms. Provost.

In 2021, the Liberal Party also included in its election promises an assault weapons buy-back program still in circulation, but the handgun file has stagnated. The letter sent to the Prime Minister also asks him not to shirk his responsibilities in the handgun file. The Trudeau government would like to let the provinces and territories decide for themselves whether or not to ban them.

“If we are writing to you today, it is to beg you to stop your efforts to absolve the federal government of responsibility in the handgun file”, according to an excerpt from the letter.< /p>

The program for the 5th commemoration of the shooting at the Great Mosque of Quebec can be viewed online at

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