Guy A. Lepage's turn to leave Twitter

Au Guy A. Lepage's turn to leave Twitter

After CBC/Radio-Canada's departure from Twitter, it’s the turn of host and producer Guy A. Lepage to leave the network social. He made the announcement on his personal account Thursday afternoon, referring in particular to the withdrawal of his “blue hook”.

“It is time for me to leave since Mr. Rocket Elon Musk has just remove my ti-hook,” he wrote.

While the infamous blue hook on Twitter long conferred special status on accounts that had one, that is no longer the case. Since the introduction of a paid subscription system by Twitter's main shareholder, Elon Musk, anyone can pay to have this certification.

However, in his farewell message, Guy A. Lepage indicates that he does not plan to “pay to be insulted”.

https://twitter .com/guyalepage/status/1649127961730117633?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

Earlier this week, CBC and Radio-Canada announced the suspension of their activities on the platform, so that the official CBC account has been identified as “government funded” on Twitter.

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