Halloween: thank you to the “enthusiasts” [PHOTOS]

Halloween: thank you to the

Marco Veilleux distributes bags of sweets to children with his tongs.

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Andréanne Beaudry La Tribune If it were not for Halloween enthusiasts, the candy tour would have been very sad in this time of pandemic. However, a few Sherbrooke families stood out with their decorations or their original way of distributing candy, two meters away.

In the east of the city of Sherbrooke, Marie-Claude Beaulieu and her family decorated their home in a one-day sprint with love and originality. For them, COVID-19 was not even a valid reason to dodge this party.

“I actually told myself I was going to decorate the house, whatever. Just for fun, since we love Halloween, ”said Marie-Claude Beaulieu a few minutes before the candy bags were distributed.

It is from any inspiration that the designer-designer Nicolas Garceau draws and prepares the skeleton of his decorations with his 3D printer.

Halloween: thank you to the

“I'm leaving with an idea like the one with this character who is tearing his face off. With his 3D printer, he prepared the base for me and then I put everything together, ”explains Marie-Claude Beaulieu about an element of the decor of Kennedy Street North. La Tribune, André Vuillemin

Since 7 am this morning, the couple and their daughter Audrey Garceau installed the decorations before the arrival of the neighborhood children. Then after the distribution of treats, they would be removed. “Because the theft of decorations does exist,” the mother of the family told La Tribune a little later.

On the corner of a street near Galt Ouest, Michèle Laliberté, Pierre Ivall and Marco Veilleux were waiting for the children with a decor inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This year, I even put blue masks on all my characters,” says Pierre Ivall with amusement.

Halloween: thank you to the

Even some horror figures wear the mask this year. La Tribune, André Vuillemin

For several years, Michèle Laliberté has been actively involved in the preparation of this thematic Halloween decor. “We are preparing this in January. “

And as a makeup artist, her talent is also put to use every year during the Halloween party.

Be inspired by the two meters for the distribution of treats

The two-meter distance was not an obstacle to the distribution of treats to children.

1/15Halloween: thank you to the

Nicolas Garceau, Marie-Claude Beaulieu and their daughter Audrey Garceau with some decorations in front of their house on Saturday morning. La Tribune, André Vuillemin

With his mad scientist costume, Nicolas Martin equipped himself with a ladder and a plumbing tube to slide Smarties , Kit Kat , Aero and Coffee Crisp towards his young visitors.

“I have children myself, so for me it was important to offer candy to young people even with the pandemic. And we're lucky to be in an orange zone. I must say that it is also fun for us to be able to dress up. “

On the same street in the northern district of Sherbrooke, a neighbor distributes his bags of sweets from the second floor of his house, using a long tube.

Halloween: thank you to the

On rue Malouin, a couple distributes candies to children from the second floor of their house using a long tube. La Tribune, André Vuillemin

“We had a lot of fun preparing that,” exclaimed the latter's wife, opening the front door.

Other families have placed the chocolate treats on the steps of a staircase, in a pot or on a table in front of their residence, and for some, around a campfire.

The improvised clothesline was also illustrated as another original way of maintaining the two meters.

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