Have mercy on the man who is afraid

Have mercy on him ;man who is scared

Common sense should be enough to keep people from heeding the life advice of someone who wears sunglasses inside and ignores only shirts exist. And yet Andrew Tate — thick macho king, Wish version of Vin Diesel and proof that getting kicked in your head for years isn't good for the prefrontal cortex — has recently become a model of life for many men. 

Have mercy on the man who is afraid

But Andrew Tate (pictured right) is just the silly, cliched tip of an iceberg of masculinist nonsense that's taking it easy on the internet. TikTok is now filled with self-proclaimed “real men” giving advice on how to be a “real man” rather than a Harry Styles who wears – yark poop – sometimes dresses. (That, of course, makes him very unattractive to his legions of fans and not a sex object at all in erotic fanfics. Why would a “real man” want to be his girl's sex symbol? generation in addition to being a multi-millionaire? We all wonder.)

Youth cartoonist Élise Gravel recently published a short comic on the subject.     

In the comments, you can read parents whose children under the age of 12 have come into contact with the shitty ideas of Andrew Tate and his frustrated friends. Young people learn to hate women before they learn what the Canadian Shield is. Fortunately, climate change will soon break everything, because we are collectively going to a strange place, and it is not close to the Canadian Shield.

We can summarize the great genius ideas of the masculinists like this:

  1. Women must be dominated, because there is nothing more disturbing in life than a woman who thinks for herself, except to think about making yourself a sandwich. 
  2. Men dominate, because there's nothing that says 'I'm in charge of my life' more than a man sitting on his steak waiting for someone to make him a sandwich. 
  3. Men are smarter, that's why they need to be told what to think by a dude who doesn't even know the recipe for a sandwich. (We recommend Ricardo's (the best)). 

For powerful and independent-minded “real men”, it's crazy how they are locked into a limiting straitjacket that tells them what to think and especially what not to do. “Real men” boast that they are not ruled by their emotions, unlike the overly sensitive modern madams and men who cry more than once a year when their football team loses. But deep down, mascus are completely dominated by a single emotion: fear.  

The fear that others will not see them as virile men. The fear of deviating from a dogma that tells them what to be and how. The fear of being in a relationship with a woman who has her own ideas. The fear that the women around them would grow tired of their misogynistic bullshit. The fear that we discover that their rebellious and contemptuous attitude is only a facade that hides men who are deeply terrified of intimacy, human emotions, commitment, vulnerability and the effort necessary to cultivate healthy relationships not only with women, but with everyone around them.  

So they target everyone but them, because staring at their navel is much harder than laughing at each other. 'a guy wearing nail polish.

They then miss the real question: what if being a real 'real man' meant being a whole person with complex emotions , wealthy relationships and sometimes polish on the nails rather than a crossed caricature on the Internet? Come on! The guy is wearing sunglasses INSIDE!

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