Have the groceries delivered without it costing an arm

Make deliver the groceries without costing an arm & nbsp;

Surprise, you have COVID-19 and you need to self-isolate now. And no, you hadn't planned the coup & # 8230; & nbsp; You & nbsp; therefore find yourself hungry in front of an empty fridge. Montrealers, if you don't have a helpful neighbor. to do your grocery shopping, here are some food delivery options available to you.

Inst acart & nbsp;

With over 1,800 affiliate stores across Canada, including Costco, Walmart and Aliments M & amp; M, Instacart allows you to get in touch with a “personal buyer-delivery person” who will make your races for you, will pay and deliver it all to your door … within an hour. VIP service, what! & Nbsp;

Shipping cost: $ 3.99 + service charge (depending on your location and the number or type of items in your basket) & nbsp;
Waiting time: & nbsp; 1 hour & nbsp;

Les Fermes & nbsp; Lufa & nbsp;

If you are already a subscriber to the Lufa Farms baskets – because yes, that requires a subscription – it's time to take a look at the online market and upgrade your next order. A host of products are & nbsp; offered & nbsp; (in addition & nbsp; organic fruits and vegetables & nbsp; from Quebec), & nbsp; like & nbsp; ready-to-eat meals. ; 5 & nbsp; $ & nbsp;
Waiting time: & nbsp; 3 days & nbsp;

Marché & nbsp; Goodfood

< p>Did you know that Goodfood now delivers items from its “pantry” within an hour top chrono? Yes, you read that right! In addition to different foods and ready-to-eat meals, the product assortment even includes everyday essentials like toothpaste and baby diapers. Convenient! & Nbsp;

Shipping costs: & nbsp; $ 5.99 & nbsp; per month (unlimited) & nbsp;
Waiting time: & nbsp; same day & nbsp;

Cooperative & nbsp; EVA & nbsp;

Eva is like your personal driver. It can obviously take you from point A to point B, but also pick up food at the address of your choice, to deliver it to you personally. She travels all over the island, and even on the North Shore and the South Shore. Not bad, and it's a 100% local initiative! & Nbsp;

Delivery costs: a base rate of $ 5 + $ 0.50/km traveled and $ 0.25/minute of travel (approximately $ 8) & nbsp;
Time of day wait: & nbsp; 30 to 60 minutes & nbsp;

 Have the grocery store delivered without costing an arm

When you can't leave your home, you don't have the choice to have it delivered.

Grocery stores & nbsp;

The majority of large grocery stores (IGA, Metro, & nbsp; Provigo, Maxi, Super C) offer home delivery, but the service is often congested, and therefore the delays are prolonged. take ahead for daily essentials like milk, bread, butter, cereal and coffee! & nbsp;

Shipping cost: $ 8 to $ 14 & nbsp; ;
Waiting time: between 1 hour and 7 days

Mayrand & nbsp;

The Mayrand Food Warehouse offers home delivery in almost all of Greater Montreal. With its four branches (Anjou, Brossard, Laval and Saint-Jérôme), we can say that it casts a wide net. & Nbsp;

Shipping costs: & nbsp; $ 50 + taxes, or free for orders of $ 250 and more
Waiting time: between 1 and 5 days

Note that the various boxed meals should be considered, but orders often have to be placed a week in advance, so not ideal when the need is immediate … & nbsp;

Uber Eats, & nbsp; SkipTheDishes, & nbsp; DoorDash, & nbsp; Foodora & nbsp;

There are many home meal delivery apps that deliver food from hundreds of nearby restaurants to your doorstep. It's tempting, but the mark-up, which is close to 10-15%, delivery and service charges, and tips all inflate the bill. It is therefore not the most advantageous option, economically speaking, but to spoil an evening, it is always greatly appreciated. & Nbsp;

Shipping costs: $ 0 to $ 6 & nbsp;
Waiting time: 30 to 60 minutes & nbsp;

Uber & nbsp; Eats & nbsp; otherwise offers a grocery delivery service, but adds a 10% service charge on the invoice. & Nbsp; Waiting time & nbsp; varies by store. & Nbsp;

Have the & rsquo; & eacute; grocery store without costing an arm & nbsp;

Other grocery delivery services: & nbsp;

Fergus & nbsp; Organic Market & nbsp;
Maturin & nbsp;
Épipresto & nbsp;

​​ Good Samaritans on Facebook & nbsp;

During reconfinements, some members of neighborhood Facebook groups volunteer their help with shopping. Just look for your neighborhood in the search bar, join it and then identify the publications where your fellow citizens generously offer a helping hand. You can write to them directly and return the favor when they need it.

​​ Waiting for boxes

You also have the option of ordering a box of ready-to-cook meals, but you usually have to wait a week before receiving everything (the dishes must be validated and the ingredients are sent at a fixed time). Less practical when our confinement lasts only 5 to 10 days.

With Philippe Lépine

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