Haviah Mighty: power play

Haviah Mighty: jeu de puissance

The rapper toronto Haviah Mighty

December 24, 2019 4: 00 am


Haviah Mighty: power play

Haviah Mighty: jeu de puissance

Geneviève Bouchard

The Sun


When your family name translates to “powerful”, it is difficult to play the card of the ingenue. The rapper Haviah Mighty has done honor to his family name, developing his art of percussion way. Winner of the Polaris prize for her first solo album, “13th Floor”, Toronto comes to Quebec city to launch the festivities of the day of the Year to place George-V. And it might move.

Recognized for its explosive performances, Haviah Mighty is pleased that this second appointment in less than a year with the public of Quebec, it was produced at the Festival d’été de Québec (FEQ) in July. Obviously, she has made a good impression, because the team in 3RD, as the driver of the FEQ, was asked to take part in the new winter festival Sled, who’ll be in the fashion music urban place George-V from 28 to 31 December (the first three nights are paid, but the site will be accessible free of charge for new year’s eve).

“I often wonder what to do for the eve of new Year’s day”, launches at the end of the wire, the energetic rapper. “I think it’s exciting to celebrate the new year with people that come from another part of the country, who came to celebrate with other musicians and the music of today, she adds. I look forward to celebrate by attending the delivery of the headliners [the electro duet Loud Luxury], and fireworks. I have this aspiration to be one day the one that plays during the fireworks. It would be really cool. Let’s say that I am getting closer to it! It is good to be included there-in.”

For Haviah Mighty, which has just celebrated its 27 years, the year 2019 will have been intense until the end. The one that raps since adolescence launched in may, 13th Floor, a debut album to his name who has earned the praise. It won the Polaris prize, awarded by a jury of critics to the best canadian album of 2019.

“It happened so many things this year, she noted. This is outstanding. I’m still not used to everything that happens to me. It is a bit surreal. What is happening makes me happy. I’m just excited to continue. To have the attention of all those people makes me think even more strongly to the decisions that I’m going to take for the future.”

Haviah Mighty: jeu de puissance

Haviah Mighty in performance at the gala where she won the Polaris prize in September.

The Canadian Press


Believing little his chances of winning the Polaris, the rapper — first black woman to have won the prestigious award — had not prepared a speech. “I thought not,” she says. The reaction around me has been so strong. I was euphoric. Make Me on stage was like walking on a cloud.”

Haviah Mighty what the the”Polaris” in terms of credibility. “It has given me legitimacy as a musician and it gave me the means, as an artist, she says. It has given me even more confidence in me and that fact that people have more trust in me. It is certain that it changes the perceptions of sponsors. It has been the biggest change.”

Even before the accolades and tributes, 13th Floor represents an important milestone for the one who polishes his writing and its interpretation in the past 10 years, particularly within the group of The Sorority. “This is my album the most important thing, she points out. It’s funny because in doing the household, I am settled on recordings that I had made when I was 14, 15 or 16 years old. I realized that a lot of the content that I was working at that time was echoed in 13th Floor. It was not refined, I would publish not now. But several themes and concepts were already there. The intentions were the same. It is as if I was training to get where I am now. I’m just grateful to be able to say what I’ve always wanted to say, and that what is finally heard.”

Haviah Mighty will launch the celebrations, 31 December at 20: 30 at place George V. It will be followed by DJ Sleppy Tom and Loud Luxury, which will make you dance partiers up to 1 hour. The access is free.

Fans of traditional music will be on their side turn to the place of the Meeting-National, where The family Painchaud and 2Frères have been instructed to punch out the year. The tireux d roches will be of the party at 20: 30.

Fireworks will be launched from that and other sites to accommodate 2020. Details and full program at www.tobogganfestival.com


Haviah Mighty: jeu de puissance

The rapper ScHoolboy Q

Provided by 3RD


28 December at 20: 30

Fafa Khan


29 December at 20: 30



30 December at 20: 30

Lary Kidd

ScHoolboy Q

The shows are presented at Place George-V. passes on sale at a cost of $ 60 (plus cost of services of $ 6.10 per) at www.tobogganfestival.com. The evening of 31 December is available for free.

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