Health and safety above all for the Baskets of Hope

Health and safety above all for the Baskets of Hope

From left to right: Sylvain Guertin, President of the Rock-Guertin Foundation, Denis Fortier, Managing Director of the Foundation, as well as Daniel Beaucage, President of the Beaucage group and ambassador of the Paniers de l'Espoir.

Share October 30, 2020 5:40 p.m. Updated at 6:00 p.m. Share Health and safety above all for the Baskets of HopeHealth and safety above all for the Baskets of Hope

Sabrina Lavoie La Tribune It will take much more than a pandemic to prevent the Rock-Guertin Foundation from offering its traditional Baskets of Hope for the holiday season. “This year, health and safety will be the watchwords,” said General Manager Denis Fortier.

To do this, Mr. Fortier explains that the baskets will be made over four days, from December 16 to 19. Only 25 people will make sure to prepare the goal of 500 to 600 baskets per day while nearly 250 volunteers participate annually in the making of the baskets, which is done during a single day.

“It will be quite a challenge, but we are ready,” assures Mr. Fortier. A public health worker has been assigned to us so that we can ensure that all our actions comply with the health measures put in place. Our priority is really the health and safety of our volunteers and beneficiaries, ”he says.

The fundraising campaign should begin in the coming weeks. Given the situation and the time required for the quarantine of the foodstuffs harvested, monetary donations will be welcome, specifies Mr. Fortier.

In an attempt to meet the donation goals despite the cancellation of several fundraising activities, a fundraiser will be circulating on social networks from mid-November. Daniel Beaucage, president and founder of the Beaucage group, will be responsible for this campaign “more important than ever”.

“Giving back to the community is very important today. Our beneficiaries have needs and also expectations. The Foundation has a social responsibility and it must deliver the goods by showing creativity and protecting its beneficiaries and volunteers, ”says Mr. Beaucage, who acts as the Paniers de l'Espoir ambassador.

“Unique” baskets

For logistical reasons, the baskets will be unique this year, adds the President of the Foundation, Sylvain Guertin. Although he would have preferred content adapted to the needs of each family, Mr. Guertin admits that this concept of identical offers will make it easier for the volunteers on site.

“We don't want our volunteers to be exposed to certain risks. It will be more complicated, but there is no way we will miss this 38th annual meeting, ”comments the President of the Foundation.

In addition, nutritionist Geneviève Arbor, from the Nutritive Clinic, joined the Rock-Guertin Foundation team to improve the quality and offer of the prepared baskets. “This is a further step, always with the aim of improving the content offered to our beneficiaries,” said Mr. Guertin.

Individuals and families who wish to register for the Baskets of Hope will be able to do so during the next week by completing the online form on the Rock-Guertin Foundation website.

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