Health contribution abandoned: Quebecers taken “for suitcases”

Contribution Abandoned health: Quebecers taken

Dominique Anglade

The volte-face of François Legault, who will abandon the health contribution imposed on the unvaccinated, raises eyebrows among the opposition parties. He is criticized for having demonstrated improvisation in the creation of this measure.

Quebec wanted to pass a bill during the parliamentary session to impose a financial contribution on all unvaccinated individuals, as they are more likely to be hospitalized. The expected tax amount would have been $100 to $800.

But as reported by La Presse, François Legault will announce that he is abandoning this measure during a conference scheduled for 1 p.m. on Tuesday. “It was irresponsible [to announce a health contribution] without public health advice, based solely on what the polls had to say,” laments the leader of the Liberal Party, Dominique Anglade.

He fooled Quebeckers for a month on this issue. They take us for fools.

Dominique Anglade, leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec

The leader of the Parti Québécois, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, then used the same expression to describe the management of François Legault, considering that he took “his population for suitcases” and that he “treated them like children”.

My children, I treat them with more respect for their intelligence, and then I act with more transparency than the Prime Minister currently does with the people of Quebec.

Paul St-Pierre Plamondon

“It’s disrespectful of people’s intelligence to send nonsense into the public space that you’n’n never believed in, all this to try to make people forget the chaotic management, the confusion of the holiday season at the level of the management of the pandemic. The government, the Prime Minister is playing with people's trust,” reacted Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon.

“Hay pin”

According to the head of Quebec solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, the health contribution was a “hay pin” idea that demonstrates the “incompetence” of François Legault. “When the Prime Minister calls Quebecers to a press conference, it's not trivial,” he criticized Tuesday at the National Assembly. It’s not nothing, it’s not to make the mood of the moment. This is a time to talk about science-based crisis management.”

He does not see the abandonment of the health contribution as a victory.

For weeks, the debate was monopolized by a patente kid invented by François Legault. We should have taken the opportunity to find solutions to this pandemic.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois

During a meeting with the leaders of the opposition parties on Friday, François Legault would have assured that the establishment of the health contribution would remain a priority, indicated Mr. Nadeau-Dubois. Dominique Anglade no longer participates in these meetings.

Incitement to vaccination

The objective of the health contribution was to encourage unvaccinated Quebecers to take up the challenge. “It is not true that this 10% of the population will come to harm 90% of the population, had justified the Prime Minister François Legault, at the beginning of January. We have come to this: people who refuse to be vaccinated place a significant financial burden on the majority of Quebecers.”

The interim national director of public health, Dr. Luc Boileau, had previously refused to comment on the introduction of a health contribution. “It does not come under the expertise of Public Health, he had mentioned. This is an economic measure, and I prefer not to comment on economic measures.”

Several questions had been raised about the legality of a health contribution.

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