Health reform: adjustments requested by doctors

R&eacute ;form in health: adjustments requested by doctors

The Federation of Medical Specialists of Quebec (FMSQ) calls on the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, to review certain provisions Bill 15 on the reform of the health network. This project, expected for a detailed discussion on August 21, is a source of concern for the FMSQ. The organization has already submitted several improvement proposals.

Since the beginning of this initiative in the spring, the FMSQ, in close collaboration with the Fédération des médecins omnipraticiens du Québec, has sought to actively influence the text. However, according to Dr. Vincent Oliva, President of the FMSQ, the openness and commitment hoped for from Minister Dubé still seem insufficient despite their efforts.

A notable point of tension concerns the future role of the Council of Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists (CPDP). The Federation would like this council to maintain its influence in terms of recommendations on key issues. Among these: the distribution of care or the renewal of medical obligations.

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Another cause for concern is the proposal to introduce 'medical activities' (AMP) for medical specialists. The FMSQ does not reject this notion, but would prefer to see it defined outside the legislative framework.

The FMSQ also warns against modifying proven mechanisms that guarantee the conditions of medical practice. She believes that certain provisions of the draft could disrupt existing agreements, which are nonetheless aligned with the real needs of patients.

These concerns come as the FMSQ expresses reservations about the progress of talks with the government. Although the minister's office has raised the possibility of amendments, the past shows that Mr. Dubé is reluctant to modify his project in the face of criticism, believes the FMSQ.

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