Health transfers: Trudeau shoots an arrow at Legault

Transfers in health: Trudeau shoots an arrow at Legault

Justin Trudeau

The provinces want Ottawa to increase the transfers granted to them in health. But like emergency patients, they may have to be patient. The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau seems reluctant to want to increase these transfers, criticizing in passing the provinces offering checks to their citizens to counter inflation.

On the one hand, the provinces “repeat that they need more money for health care”, but on the other, they “lower taxes on the richest”, accuses Mr. Trudeau , that he finds that there is “something wrong” in this way of proceeding.

“We need to ensure that our emergency rooms are not overwhelmed, that our nurses and doctors can work adequately to cover the needs, he recalled at a press conference in Oromocto, New -Brunswick. For that, it’s not just a question of money.”

It’s not money that is lacking in provincial systems, especially if they are sending checks for people who need them less, or giving tax fucks to the wealthy.

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

François Legault has been criticizing his counterpart for more than a year for not contributing enough to the Quebec health system. Ottawa only pays 22% of the province's system fee, according to Quebec.

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