“Heart of trucker”: a loving reality show for truckers

&laquo ;Cœur de trucker»: a loving reality TV show for truckers

The series “Coeur de trucker” will be broadcast on Unis TV in 2023

After farmers.rice .s esseulé.es of Love is in the meadow, it will be the turn of single truckers to look for a soul mate in the new reality show Coeur de trucker.

The series produced by Attraction Images (which also concocts Love is in the meadow) will be broadcast on Unis TV sometime in 2023. Contacted by Subway, the channel simply specified that the production team is currently looking for candidates. Attraction Images had not returned our call at the time of this writing. It is not yet known who will be at the animation.

On the TruckStop Québec site, an information site for truckers, it is specified that Coeur de truckerwill offer “four truckers the opportunity to meet people ready to commit and share their atypical daily life”. Because we know that between irregular hours, frequent absences and the loneliness inherent in the job, drivers have few possibilities of falling in love.

Coeur de trucker wishes , according to TruckStop Québec, “bringing sincere emotions to life” for participants… on the road!

Obviously, the title immediately recalls Coeur de rocker, the mythical song by Julien Clerc, written by Luc Plamondon.

No release date has yet been set for Coeur de trucker. Until then, fanatics of “cupid” shows will be able to fall back on the novelty 5 guys for me, which will start on April 11 on TVA, where young women (one per week) will coexist with five suitors to finally choose only one.

New seasons of Si on s'aimer (TVA) and Occupation double (Noovo) are also expected in the fall, while < em>Love is in the meadow will have its 11th season next winter in Noovo.

You can register to try your luck at Heart of Trucker to mbertrand@attraction.ca.

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