Heating with electricity now cheaper than gas

Heating with electricity is now cheaper than gas

Energy expenditure from heating with renewable natural gas (RNG) will be more expensive than heating with baseboards electrical. This is what an Ecohabitation analysis has determined, which reveals that electric heating will cost $600 less annually than gas heating for new homes.

This study comes as the natural gas company Énergir wants to force the use of GNR for all its future customers from 2024, although it currently only has 1% of GNR. In this context, several ecological groups such as Greenpeace Canada are warning municipalities, contractors and future home buyers about the higher heating costs with gas. They also encourage people to go electric, when this energy is more “supposed for the climate and for the wallet”. in Energy (ROEÉ), Jean-Pierre Finet, this paradigm shift in heating energy is nothing less than a “complete revolution”. “There is absolutely no valid reason to consume RNG in new construction. The only sensible choice is to end all new residential gas connections, whether fossil or renewable,” he said.

Énergir also says it expects to lose sales in the residential sector due to the higher costs of renewable natural gas.

Remember that last January, the Quebec government allowed landlords to increase rents by up to three times more if the dwelling is heated with gas or oil.

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