Héliodore Dulac would have asked to shorten his suffering

Héliodore Dulac would have asked to reduce his suffering

Kassandra harpin

Share November 5, 2020 3:00 a.m. Updated at 9:43 a.m. Share Héliodore Dulac would have asked to reduce his sufferingHéliodore Dulac would have asked to reduce his suffering

René-Charles Quirion La Tribune A well-watered reunion between Ian Bélanger and Héliodore Dulac where the latter would have asked to shorten the suffering caused by his illness would be at the origin of the events that cost him his life during the first weekend of June 2018.

The only eyewitness to the events for which Ian Bélanger is being tried for second degree murder, Kassandra Harpin delivered her version of events on Wednesday at the Sherbrooke courthouse.

The 31-year-old woman is currently incarcerated at Leclerc prison in Laval for her involvement in the murder of Héliodore Dulac.

Dressed in a black suit and gray blouse, she was flanked by two correctional officers as she testified before the jury.

Kassandra Harpin went to Héliodore Dulac with a certain quantity of cocaine on the weekend of June 1, 2018 with Ian Bélanger. Héliodore Dulac had signaled to Kassandra Harpin that he wanted to see Ian Bélanger again. The latter is the son of a former wife of Hélidore Dulac.

The trio, but especially the two men according to Kassandra Harpin's version, would have consumed a large amount of alcohol, but also cocaine.

“He tells us he can't wait to be done with his pain. It was about death and illness. It was not consistent. I did not feel well ”testifies Kassandra Harpin.

The party continued the next day, smoking joints and using cocaine. She maintains that Héliodre Dulac wanted Ian Bélanger to kill him and that he was looking for weapons inside the residence on Chemin de la Yard.

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Kassandra Harpin mentions that the tone would be raised between the two men.

“I wanted to get some cigarettes when Ian told me to back up my Jeep. Ian was hitting Heli. I didn't watch Heliodorus eat a volley. Ian was in tabarnack and he was hitting him. I don't know what Heli was doing. Ian hit him with his fists. I fell into shock. Everything happened so quickly (…) He hit it more than once, but I don't know the number of hits. I didn't stay to watch this. They stayed on the gallery ”testifies Kassandra Harpin without being able to target the trigger for the fight.

Ian Bélanger would have returned with the bloody hand in the residence of Héliodore Dulac.

“It never occurred to me that Heli was going to die of it. “- Kassandra Harpin

Without anyone asking her, Kassandra Harpin confirms that she used a mop to remove the bloodstains.

“It never occurred to me that Heli was going to die of it. I told myself he was going to get over it. I was ecstatic to see this blood everywhere, it was not to cover up the evidence ”, testifies Kassandra Harpin.

She was also the one who barred the doors of the residence and then went up to the second floor to exit the residence, slipping through the window on the second floor of Héliodore Dulac's residence.

The latter was then in the open rear trunk of his Jeep.

Kassandra Harpin followed the directions of Ian Bélanger to go to a residence in Nantes.

“The only words I remember,” it's there, I must bury you “then the directions to get to Nantes”, testifies Kassandra Harpin who remembers hearing Héliodore Dulac moan.

She remembers that there were two men where she went with Ian Bélanger. She saw Heliodore Dulac out of the Jeep which was unconscious with blood in his face.

Kassandra Haprin was ordered to take Héliodore Dulac home with a man she did not know. “I backed up towards the gallery. We took hands and feet. We unloaded it there, then I creaked my camp, indicates Kassandra Harpin.


Kassandra Harpin had known Ian Bélanger for less than three months before the murder of Héliodore Dulac.

She testifies that she had been doing domestic maintenance at Héliodore Dulac for at least three years

“Heli needed someone to spend time with. We were playing cards (…) I had made it clear not to offer myself money for sexual services. I told him not to do that again or else I wouldn't come to see him. He understood, ”points out Kassandra Harpin.


She explained that she had been detained since her arrest in 2018 and then pleaded guilty at the end of the summer. Kassandra Harpin told the jury that she was in Ian Bélanger's truck in Lambton when she was arrested on September 7, 2018.

On August 27, she pleaded guilty to a charge of manslaughter and was sentenced to four years and four months in prison. After the pre-trial detention was removed, she was ordered to serve another fifteen months in prison.

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