Henri Picard will play the title role in the adaptation of the novel “The Diver”

Henri Picard will play the title role in the adaptation of the novel “The Diver”

Henri Picard

We finally know the cast of the long-awaited film adaptation of the novel The Diver. Henri Picard will lend his features to Stéphane, the young protagonist who occupies the job giving his title to the work.

The author Stéphane Larue had a huge success with his first novel published by Le Quartanier in 2016. In addition to being translated into English, The Diver has won several distinctions, including the prestigious Prix des booksellers.

A self-fiction story, The Diver tells the story of a 19-year-old metalhead who dreams of being an illustrator, but who is in debt and addicted to gambling. By becoming a dishwasher in a restaurant, he will discover an unknown universe and its gallery of colorful characters.

In addition to Henri Picard, the film will feature Charles-Aubey Houde, Joan Hart, Maxime de Cotret, Fayolle Jean Jr, Robin L'Houmeau, Gabrielle Côté, Jade Charbonneau and Emmanuel Schwartz, who will respectively play the characters of Bébert, Bonnie, Greg, Renaud, Jonathan, Séverine, Marie-Lou and Benjamin.

The Diver will be directed by Francis Leclerc (The Time Harvester, Barefoot in dawn, A summer without a point or a sure shot), which signs the screenplay with Éric K. Boulianne.

Stéphane Larue enchanted

The announcement of the film adaptation of this novel dates back to 2017. This means that the film is eagerly awaited by the public, as well as by the writer Stéphane Larue.

“When my editor, five years ago, confirmed to me that The Diver would be made into a film, I was delighted, but it seemed far away, unreal. […] I feel a kind of joyful excitement today,” he said.

The author is delighted to see his story brought to the big screen. “For a writer, it's an extraordinary feeling to see his characters take shape, to see them move, to hear them.”

We can tell the same story in many ways, and I can't wait to see what The Diver will turn out on screen.

Stéphane Larue, author of the novel The Diver< /em>

Shooting for the film will begin next Monday in Montreal. The theatrical release of Diver is scheduled for 2023.

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