Here is the new BIXI… luminous

Here is the new BIXI… luminous

You will see them spinning in the Montreal twilight… While BIXI is breaking records for use in the city, the bike-sharing company is launching a new line of products: light-up BIXIs. These will be integrated into the service's current fleet as of this Saturday.

The new innovative machines were unveiled Friday evening, on the occasion of the start of the 23rd Tour la Nuit.

BIXI Montréal's general manager, Christian Vermette, and the president- general manager of Vélo Québec, Jean-François Rheault, rode light-up BIXIs to celebrate their launch.

How do these BIXIs glow at night? “This innovation is possible thanks to a paint that absorbs daylight, or artificial light, and then retransmits it in the dark,” explains BIXI Montreal.

Here is the new BIXI… light

BIXI Montréal

Service users will now be able to try to get their hands on one of the 60 light-up BIXIs deployed across the city, which can be rented for the same price as a Regular BIXI.

“This new product clearly embodies our commitment and our desire to offer innovative solutions to improve the travel experience in the city”, declared Christian Vermette.

“BIXI is the best thing that has happened for mobility in Montreal in the last ten years. The new illuminated BIXIs embody the festive side of the Tour la Nuit, but also the pleasure that BIXI provides for cyclists,” rejoiced Jean-François Rheault.

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