H&H Bagel creates the Cream Cheese Stuffed Bagel

H&H Bagel creates the cream cheese stuffed bagel

These bagels created by H&H Bagel are also an ingenious solution to avoid the new “bagel tax” yorker.

After Nike and its sneakerspaying homage to the Montreal bagel, another innovation intends to shake up the world of bagels. Indeed, the New York chain H&H Bagel has just launched this Friday the “tax free bagel” in partnership with the well-known brand of cream cheese Philadelphia.

Cream cheese in a bagel, “what could be more classic?”, you will say. Yes, except that instead of cutting its buns in half and spreading the cheese inside, H&H Bagel opted for a more original solution: stuff them directly from Philadelphia. Convenient so as not to get your fingers full of it!

But, in addition to its innovative aspect, this invention also has – and above all – aims to highlight a very New York issue, the bagel tax, or the tax on bagels in French, which amounts to 8¢ per bun with a hole. Since this tax only applies to cut and spread bagels, H&H&H’s new stuffed bagels are not subject to it, as Philadelphia explains in a video shared on its Instagram page.

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Sold in store, stuffed bagels are also available for delivery anywhere in the United States. If such a tax does not exist in Montreal, it is not impossible that the new creation will inspire our favorite bagel makers, who knows?

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