Higher Education, Education and Health at the bottom of a ministerial ranking

Higher education, education and health at the bottom of a ministerial ranking

The National Assembly, in Quebec.

The Ministries of Higher Education, Education, and Health and Social Services find themselves last in an encrypted bulletin of Quebec ministries produced by the Secretariat of the Treasury Board. Assessing the performance of the 21 public administration ministries, this ranking is based on three components: efficiency, resource management, and results-based management and program review.

Higher education, which is in last place, received the worst score with 47% due to the lack of targets achieved in 2022, particularly in terms of graduation and the number of enrollments in college and university programs targeted by Operation Manpower. In total, this ministry has achieved only 16% of the objectives set in 2021-2022, the lowest score of all the ministries.

The Ministry of Education is second to last with 58%. The ministry has failed to reach its target for the number of 4-year-old kindergarten classes in the public network, in addition to failing to reduce the achievement gap between boys and girls and to achieve the percentage of targeted buildings in the school network whose condition is satisfactory.

For its part, the Ministry of Health and Social Services obtained a score of 67%. Although this result is above the passing mark, several targets were not met, particularly with regard to access to a family doctor and delays in hospitals. The average emergency care time was 172 minutes in 2021-2022, while the objective was set at 110 minutes.

First in class

The Ministry of Tourism is first in the ranking with an overall score of 94%. This department has achieved 100% of the targets established in its 2021-2022 strategic plan. This is also the case for the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, which earned it an overall score of 93%.

The average score for all ministries is 79%.

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