His condo targeted by gunfire, Olivier Primeau withdraws from social networks

His condo was shot at, Olivier Primeau withdraws from social networks

Olivier Primeau

The entrepreneur and owner of the Beachclub, Olivier Primeau, whose condo was targeted by gunfire earlier this week, decides to withdraw from social media, as he does not rule out being the target of attacks.

He made the announcement in an Instagram post in which he mentions having met with the Service de police de la Ville de Laval. “As a safety measure, for my family and myself, I choose to take a step back and will therefore be less present publicly in the coming weeks,” he wrote.

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During the night of Sunday to Monday, shots were fired in the window of Olivier Primeau's condo in Laval, reported La Presse. The Laval police, who are investigating this case, have not arrested any suspects so far.

If Olivier Primeau, who was not on site during the events, had initially indicated that he was not targeted by this attack, the contractor does not now rule out having been the target of the shooters.

Still according to La Presse, a pizzeria co-founded by Mr. Primeau, located in Sainte-Thérèse, was also vandalized overnight from Wednesday to Thursday.

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