Hit-and-run fatal in the Charlevoix: the daily horror of a mother

Délit de fuite mortel dans Charlevoix: le cauchemar quotidien d'une mère

The palace of justice in La Malbaie

January 8, 2020 16h46

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Hit-and-run fatal in the Charlevoix: the daily horror of a mother

Délit de fuite mortel dans Charlevoix: le cauchemar quotidien d'une mère

Isabelle Mathieu

The Sun


“My son is dead, I know, but I am still waiting for it. And every day, I wake up realising what a nightmare I am.”

Anne-Sophie Dubois, 48 years old, was made to remove her baby boy Samuel Larouche, 14, is mown by a chauffarde who had never stopped running in may of 2019 in Saint-Urbain, Charlevoix.

This woman, Lison Asselin, 41 years old, Baie-Saint-Paul, pleaded guilty Wednesday to hit-and-run causing the death of the boy. She has been punished with a sentence of three years in prison, nearly the maximum sentence imposed by the courts for the offence of hit-and-run fatal, in similar circumstances. The penalties for the offences of driving under the influence resulting in death are much higher.

Lison Asselin, an employee of a hostel, admits she was drunk the night of the accident. But nothing in the evidence to show beyond any doubt that she was impaired by alcohol when she smashed into Samuel. By pleading guilty, the driver recognizes that it does not stop to lend assistance, when she knew that she had hit someone.

The old palace of justice of La Malbaie was like a theatre, with ceilings worked, its great curtains and small scales etched into the ceramic of the floor.

The drama lived for the past seven months by the family and friends of Samuel Larouche is not fictitious. It is only pain, rage, insomnia, depression.

Anne-Sophie Dubois rose from his place to come and say to the accused, detained since his arrest, at which point it has destroyed a whole family. “The death of Samuel has left a massive hole in our lives and in the community of Saint-Urbain, is a testament to Ms. Dubois, of a hoarse voice. I am no longer me, I live in a kind of parallel dimension.”

The sister of Samuel, Stephanie, 19 years old, also wanted to speak, to defend his brother with his words, ” she said. “Why has she not done her duty of a citizen, why isn’t she arrested?” asked Stephanie, while all the spectators are trying to hold back their tears.

Lison Asselin going to keep it the same as air indifferent at all the testimonials. When the judge Mario Tremblay of the Court of Quebec, asks her if she has something to say, she replied simply “no”.

The father and the brother on the scene

May 23, 2019, to 21: 30, Samuel Larouche returned home from an evening spent at the Maison des jeunes de Saint-Urbain, a peaceful village near the town of Baie-Saint-Paul. It rolls slowly on his bike, before a few meters to his two friends, Christopher and Alexis who are walking on the sidewalk of the main road.

Alexis hears a vehicle arrive, and suggested that Samuel come to ride on the sidewalk.

Samuel will never have the time to join his friends. The Ford Focus driving by Lison Asselin deviates a little from its trajectory and hits the bike Samuel. The teenager bounces on the windshield of the car and then is projected into the air up on the floor of a house. Alexis rushes to his bedside while Christopher runs to him to ask his mother to call for help. The car continues its path.

One of the two great brothers of Samuel, Mathieu, 22 years old, is a paramedic. Leave for Baie-Saint-Paul that evening, he receives a call asking him to return to work. By hearing the description of the young victim, he has a bad feeling.

When he arrives at Saint-Urbain, he finds his father, Martin Larouche, collapsed on the side of the road and sees his young brother dead, lying on the wet grass.

“The death of Samuel has left a massive hole in our lives and in the community of Saint-Urbain. I am no longer me, I live in a sort of parallel dimension ”

Anne-Sophie Dubois, whose boy was mowed down by a chauffarde in may

Samuel Larouche has suffered a very serious head injury. His parents know how quickly that brain death is inevitable. The teenager was transferred by ambulance to the Hospital of the Child Jesus where he dies three days after the accident. The boy has had time to sign his card for organ donation, points out proudly to his big sister, Stephanie, shaking with sobs.

The car Lison Asselin was discovered in the morning of 24 may, concealed in a cross-country ski trail. The woman was arrested a few hours later when she went to work.

The joint Asselin, Guillaume Dufour, will be arrested and charged with obstructing for his role in the concealment of the self. His case returns to court in February.

To arrive to propose a sentence of three years in the penitentiary, the Crown attorney I Matthew Rochette and the defence counsel to Me Sophie Dubé took into account the gravity of the crime, the previous history court of driving under the influence of the accused in 2004 and a heavy legacy for the family, but also of the early guilty plea.

Once subtracted the detention time served since his arrest, Lison Asselin will have a remaining sentence of 24 months and 20 days to be served. After his sentence of detention, Lison Asselin will not have the right to drive for a period of four years.

The mother of Samuel’s dream to leave the region and never having to meet the accused. Ms. Dubois is a nurse and can not imagine having to provide care to the one who has deprived her of Samuel.

The red iron

The father still resides in Charlevoix. Martin Larouche had asked the Crown prosecutor to read to the court a letter that describes with acute distress.

Since the death of his youngest son, the father saw a pain immeasurable, “like a red-hot iron that burns us and we bruises day after day, again and again, and without being able to do anything to change the course of events”.

A school bag, children waiting for the bus, other that jumping on the trampoline; the reminders of Samuel are millions and cruel, writes the father. “This divide in our lives cicatrisera, may-be, I hope, but will never disappear.”

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