Hockey Quebec distances itself from Hockey Canada

Hockey Québec se distance from Hockey Canada

Hockey Quebec says it has lost confidence in Hockey Canada.

In the wake of the allegations of gang rape that have plagued the Canadian Hockey Federation for several months, Hockey Quebec indicated, Wednesday afternoon, that it no longer had “confidence in Hockey Canada's ability to act effectively to change the hockey culture.

In a press release, Hockey Quebec criticized Hockey Canada’s action plan in the management of this sex scandal.

“We are troubled that no experts or organizations working in education, awareness and prevention of sexual violence, abuse, bullying and discrimination were consulted or contributed to the content of the plan” , can we read in the press release made public on Wednesday afternoon.

Hockey Quebec, whose head office is located in Saint-Léonard, also confirms that the contribution of $ 3 given to Hockey Canada each registration in Quebec will be suspended until further notice. Only the sums used to cover insurance costs will continue to be paid, although Hockey Quebec “is working to identify different options to insure our members outside of the Hockey Canada insurance framework”.

Hockey Quebec also asks the Canadian federation to collaborate with various organizations including Sport’Aide and the RESPECT Group for the deployment of initiatives in terms of respect and integrity in hockey in Quebec.

“We we all have a role to play for the well-being of our players, as well as for all those who work in the hockey ecosystem. Our sport must do more, but above all do better. Hockey must be more than a question of the game,” concludes Hockey Quebec.

Recall that according to the allegations, Hockey Canada covered up a case of gang rape, which occurred in 2018. Eight players from the team Canadian junior men allegedly sexually assaulted a young woman after a Hockey Canada gala in London, Ontario.

Federal Sports Minister Pascale St-Onge asked Tuesday that the regional federations affiliated with Hockey Canada begin to put pressure on the Canadian body.

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