Hockey under the microscope at the Montreal Science Center

Hockey under the microscope at the Montreal Science Center

A family activity that brings people together for all hockey fans.

Hockey has not escaped the impact of scientific advances. The New Exhibition Hockey: Faster Than Everpresented at the Montreal Science Center amply demonstrates this. It presents the evolution of the sport through history from the point of view of its many technological innovations. 

As you discover the exhibition, it is fascinating to see how the sport has evolved over decades. The route is thus dotted with unusual facts about hockey. For example, did you know that some of the first pucks were made from frozen cow dung? And that the first skates were made of the bones of different animals?  

The exhibit answers questions as trivial as they are scientific, such as how many pucks are used in a National Hockey League (NHL) hockey game or why is the ice slippery. 

On I am pleased to note that the exhibition approaches sport in an inclusive way, evoking the place of women and people with disabilities who practice it.  

Obviously, like any good exhibition at the Center science, a generous dose of interactivity is on the program. There are around thirty interactive games to test your skills. These games put us in the shoes of various actors in the field, from the referee to the players, including the zamboni driver. Ideal for entertaining young people while educating them.  

In the end, it is one of the most unifying family activities for any hockey fan.  

Until ;September 10 at the Montreal Science Center.

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