Homophobia: The Dagobert apologizes and dismisses the offending employee

Homophobia: The Dagobert apologizes and fires the offending employee

The saga of the homophobic act at Dagobert continues. The bar posted a message of apology on its social networks regarding the event that occurred on July 9. He indicates that he fired the offending employee.

Last Sunday, the Instagram page desmemesgais shared the testimony of a person who experienced homophobia at the Le Dagobert bar in Quebec City.

This person and his group of friends were shown the door to the bar because they were “too gay”. They were discriminated against by a group of homophobes who complained that they did not belong there. The employee would therefore have asked them to leave the bar so that the evening did not end “in battle”.

Internet users were shocked. The publication denouncing that the bar had sided with homophobes was widely shared.

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Second answer

It was the second time that Le Dagobert spoke about the event on social networks. The first time, the establishment aimed to deny the statements of the publication and to defend itself. This response having been very badly received by Internet users, it was subsequently deleted by the bar.

In the new post, still online, the bar says it verified what really happened and confirms that the waitress did not act according to the establishment’s policy. She was fired yesterday morning. The bar is committed to better training its employees.

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