Housing crisis: demonstrators at the national congress of the CAQ

Housing crisis: demonstrators at the CAQ national convention

On the occasion of the national convention of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ), which is taking place in Drummondville, the tension rose a notch with the presence of demonstrators denouncing the government's passivity in housing. cities – Montreal, Sherbrooke, Longueuil, Berthierville and Joliette – showed their dissatisfaction with the agenda of the CAQ convention which does not include the housing crisis.

“There is nothing to be proud of when hundreds and hundreds of households are on the verge of finding themselves homeless during the moving period, when rents have become unaffordable for a growing number of tenants, when ever more numerous households are being evicted and when the construction of social housing is done at the drop by drop,” said Véronique Laflamme, FRAPRU spokesperson.

According to the group, Drummondville is also a symbol of the housing crisis. Last year, “760 households used the housing search assistance service set up by the Office d’Habitation Drummond”.

FRAPRU also regrets that the bill 37 makes no provision against fraudulent evictions “which nevertheless contribute to the increase in the number of households at risk of becoming homeless”.

The Legault government tabled Bill 37 on Wednesday at the’ National Assembly. From now on, owners of newly built housing will be able to increase their rents without limits for three years, instead of five.

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