How to equip yourself well to learn about BBQ this summer?

Comment well equipped to start BBQ this summer? 

It's decided, this year, you will be people who make the neighborhood salivate with your BBQ. But what to buy to start? We asked advice from Max Lavoie, co-owner of BBQ Québec. 

BBQ Québec is a family business by two brothers, J-P and Max Lavoie. These BBQ enthusiasts have been sharing since 2012 what turns them on through the products of their SME. Here are the elder's suggestions for gearing up.  

A BBQ to think big:   

If you have space outside your home and the budget, Max Lavoie advises you to opt for gas BBQ models like the Weber or the Napoleon: “I always recommend the purchase of a gas BBQ to start, because even if charcoal is fashionable for flavor, at the level of ease and practicality, it is more advantageous, and it lasts a long time. “, he explains to Metro. In the classic free-standing models, you can choose between gray or black. 

How to be well equipped to get started in the BBQ this summer? 

Courtesy, BBQ Quebec

Cost:You can get away with a budget between $1100 and $1700.  

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A BBQ that can be taken everywhere:  

For those who have less space, such as a balcony or an apartment yard, a pocket-sized BBQ seems to be the solution. In addition, it can train for your outings to the park. Among these portable and easy-to-use charcoal models is the Weber Jumbo Joe Premium BBQ, the favorite choice of Marc-Antoine Turcotte, the company's distributor representative.  

How well of course ;  

Courtesy of BBQ Québec

Cost: $109.99 

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Pssst: Don't forget the lighting accessories and fuels as mentioned in this video. 

The two-in-one BBQ 

As a more expensive, compact and two-function option, Mac Lavoie suggests that you go with a Capt' n Cook. De quessé? It's a small outdoor cooking tool with two floors: the top one is used as a grill and the bottom one is used as a convection cooker, perfect for making pizza. Moreover, the device comes with a pizza stone, a pizza cutter and a spatula to get your hands dirty quickly. The BBQ pro also mentions that the device is portable, so perfect to follow you if there is a possible move.  

How to be well equipped to start BBQ this summer? 

Courtesy of BBQ Québec

Cost: $499 

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The choice of accessories 

The thermometer 

< p>For Marc-Antoine Turcotte, the essential accessory for a successful BBQ is a thermometer. This allows you to know the cooking of the meat without having to cut it and remove it from the plate; perfect for beginners.  

Brush, spatula and other essentials 

Practical-practical level, a trio of cooking utensils that contains the essentials: a basting brush, a spatula and a pair of tongs is a good option. Remember to choose ones that are non-slip and dishwasher safe.   

The brush 

To take care of of your BBQ and guarantee it a longer lifespan, don't forget to equip yourself with a brush to clean the grill by removing burnt grease and other residue! Our BBQ expert recommends a brush with brass filaments and a scraper.  

A pair of gloves 

To learn about the activity while remaining cautious, you can wear insulating gloves to avoid burns, but also protect yourself from knife blades.  

To follow BBQ Québec's online courses are here.  

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