How to know if sexus advice is valid

How to know if sexus advice is valid

Let it be said, content that addresses sexuality is popular on the web. But how do you draw the line between testimony and credible advice? We talked about it with three sexologists.  

The three speakers you met agree: talking about sexology on different web platforms helps to democratize the subject, which is a good thing. Speaking by Mr. and Mrs. Everybody can even help some to feel less alone and understood in their intimate lives.

But, as an audience, if we want to be more than entertained or understood and really learn about the subject, we must differentiate between content that tends towards testimony or anecdote from content made by professionals. But how?

Green flags

We can first wonder who is speaking and to say what. For example, if you want professional content, you can look at “the person's qualifications, studies and practice”, and then analyze why the person is speaking, explains Kanica Saphan, founder of the sexologist firm Le Sofa Sexologique . For example, having a baccalaureate in sexology and having theoretical knowledge is not the same thing as being an experienced sexologist.

If this person is part of an order, it is an index of reliability. For what? Because belonging to an order means that one must respect a code of ethics that prohibits certain practices. “Order equals supervision of the profession and protection of the public”, summarizes Mariane Gilbert, administrative director and sexologist for the organization Les3Sex.

But Julie Lemay, sexologist and speaker in the series Couples à boutteas a professional, mentions that any professional who speaks in the public square should have “a moral responsibility to inform people well and to show modesty and professional humility”. Admitting that we don't know everything and that there are nuances should be a green flag for the public, even if the nuances are not popular on social networks.

People who know the limits of their knowledge is a good sign.

Kanica Saphan

Moreover, it is known that information carousels on Instagram are gaining popularity. As Mariane Gilbert explains, “beautiful infographics that convey information can go viral very quickly.” How do you know if it is reliable content? If sources or references are indicated to be able to dig into the subject, it is a good sign, according to the latter.

Red flags 

As red flags, the sexologists encountered count in particular the lack of nuances and the advice that can help everyone or the reason for such a problem which is explained in the same way for all: “Relationships, love and sexuality is complex. Someone who talks about solutions or reasons for a problem in a universal way, it can ring bells,” says Kanica Saphan. Because no, not all men like such things in bed, and such advice will not be able to make all women enjoy.

Also, you should know that “an anecdote is not an experience that can be generalized or a standard to be achieved,” says Julie Lemay, sexologist. “Although there are benefits to this more playful content, you shouldn't put pressure on yourself to live your sexuality like the others,” she mentions. 

And watch out for the sponsored content: “If you have the impression that there is only a lucrative aim for the purpose of sharing”, it can be biased sharing, mentions Mariane Gilbert.

Julie Lemay also mentions that you have to be able to differentiate the person from the content. Even if you are part of the community of such a worker, you must be able to pass critical judgment on what he says, without taking away value from the person.

Mariane Gilbert thus argues that we must learn to develop our critical mind as soon as possible: “It is important to develop our critical mind. It would be really worth having access to digital literacy training, especially when you are young.” In the meantime, here are some suggestions for content approved by our speakers, if you want to learn more about sexology in a playful, yet reliable way.

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