How to preserve your tires the longest

How to preserve your tires the longest

Limiting the wear of your tires requires simple actions to adopt on a daily basis. This will guarantee you to drive in a safer car, because worn tires can cause accidents, but also to make a gesture in favor of the environment, by delaying the change of your rubbers.

Adapt your driving style

Driving style directly affects the condition of your car's tires. Aggressive driving, with violent and regular braking, is absolutely to be avoided. In absolute terms, you should always brake gently, over the length, especially when approaching a traffic light or a stop sign, then also reaccelerate gently. Changes in direction must also be smooth, otherwise tire wear will accelerate rapidly.

Favor roads in good condition

The condition of the road is a determining factor in tire wear. Flat, clean surfaces are best to avoid damaging them, but motorists unfortunately don’t often have a choice. The tires will in fact degrade faster on country roads or in the mountains than in town or on the highway. Finally, speed bumps in general and speed bumps in particular are also very bad for the tires.

Monitor tire pressure

The tire pressure (including the spare wheel) should be checked regularly, especially in extreme temperatures, both cold and hot, and before driving. long journeys. In the event of under-inflation or over-inflation, tire wear will be felt more quickly. Care must also be taken to check the wear of the tyres, using the indicators directly placed on them, as well as to monitor from time to time the parallelism of the wheels, which are often undermined by rutted roads.

< h2 id="h-wash-your-tyres-regularly">Wash your tires regularly

Finally, it is essential to wash your tires well, in order to ;remove any debris or dirt present on them which, by dint of rolling, would harm their good preservation but also their grip. The ideal is of course to use dedicated cleaning products, after having brushed them well one by one.

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