How to reduce your Netflix bill and others?

How to lower your Netflix-and-other bill ?

Revenue from streaming platforms has grown significantly in recent years.

The standard of digital entertainment consumption is very different from that of the days when a subscription to Netflix, queen of movies and TV series, was enough to not miss anything.

If the platform resonated with ease, choice and economy, its pedestal seems to be crumbling. Prices are on the rise, terms of use are getting more complicated, but that's not all. With the proliferation of video streaming platforms, the range of choices is now distributed among different platforms, each with their own subscription and therefore each with its own bill. A study also reveals that 56% of users consider that there are too many platforms.

To taste everything, it seems that you now have to subscribe to everything and therefore pay more. An alternative mode of consumption dubbed “subscription hopping” which could be translated as “subscription vagabonderie” or “vagabonnement” seems more adapted to the era of time and allows saving without missing anything.

< h3>The wandering subscription

The wandering subscription consists simply of this idea of ​​only temporarily subscribing to a video broadcasting platform (Netflix, Disney plus, Apple TV, Prime video, Crave, Tout.TV), either the time to consume the works that appeal to us rather than remaining subscribed to all platforms at all times.

While the arrival of new content on these platforms is not constant and the quality of these is not constant, there is no need to pay year-round. Unlike pay TV, subscribing to a video broadcasting platform does not constitute a contract. Subscribing for a month without forgetting to immediately cancel the automatic renewal to switch from one of these platforms to the other is preferable. It is therefore recommended to avoid annual subscriptions, even if they seem less expensive.

Subscribing to Netflix for a month, listening to what we like, analyzing what other platforms have to offer and then switching to the platform that offers what appeals to us the following month would save money. In addition, this method can provide access to the public's verdict on the series of the hour before indulging in it yourself.

Another thing to watch out for to be a good digital wanderer are the series release modes. While the norm previously was for all episodes of a season to be released at the same time, this is no longer always the case. To create excitement and above all to force fans to pay more than a month to watch a series, platforms now tend to release episodes one after the other, as with The Last of Us, for example. It may therefore be wise to wait until all the episodes of a season are available before subscribing to the platform that offers them.

Catch the promotions!

As you keep changing subscriptions, it's worth spotting the promotions. Luckily, they are not missing. Here are some of them.

– Subscription to Tout.TV Extra, which offers the unmissable C'est comme ça que je t'aime, is offered free of charge to Telus subscribers.
– With a purchase of an Apple product, you will receive a one-year subscription to Apple TV+ which includes the beloved series Dissociation.
– A subscription to Amazon Prime, which gives access to free delivery, also comes with a subscription to the platform of – Prime Video streaming. You can find there in particular the blockbuster The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.
– Some channels, less known, are completely free. For example Mubi, which offers classic movies as well as new releases.

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