How to spice up your holiday brown eating?

Comment pimper son manger brun Holidays?

Plates are often brownish-beige, unfortunately.

“We can afford to mess around with tradition. Every time someone cries out sacrilege, I feel like saying: “at least I have & nbsp; fun “. “& Nbsp; & # 8211; Danny St & nbsp; Pierre. Here are tips from the chef-owner of the Pontiac to make your holiday meal more appetizing.

1. Prefer several small services rather than a large brownish plate which nails the guests & nbsp; to their chairs. & nbsp;

2. Long live the greenery! & nbsp; Generously garnish the dishes with fresh parsley and green onions. & Nbsp;

3. Take inspiration from your favorite dishes (hello pizza) or cuisines from around the world, then add traditional holiday ingredients to them. Beautiful surprises in prospect!

4. Bet on expressive desserts. “Christmas is one of the rare times of the year when you can go all in with the colors. It brings a cheeky-owl side, ”says Danny St Pierre.

Comment pimp his brown holiday eating?

Chef Danny St-Pierre reminds us, however, that brown is also the color of love.

5. Let the meat pie make, and enjoy a cipaille filled with vegetables and meats of your choice. & nbsp;

6 . Spice up the toppings and & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; house ketchup, funky & nbsp; spices & nbsp; on turkey, original potato salad, oysters or bites & nbsp; ; in & nbsp; style Bloody & nbsp; Ceasar… & nbsp;

​​ Feast for two & nbsp;

Danny St-Pierre offers an enticing & nbsp; Holiday boxed lunch & nbsp; for two people & nbsp; at his restaurant & nbsp; Pontiac, on Mont-Royal. It includes Caesar salad, beet tartare, house rillettes, coq au vin and small cakes. It can be pre-ordered now for December 23, 24, 30 and 31. Price: $ 59. For take out only. & Nbsp;

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