Humor: Guillaume Pineault takes the right detours

Humor: Guillaume Pineault takes good detours

Detour, the first one-man-show by Guillaume Pineault is aptly named. The comedian borrows several throughout his show to tell his story, that of a young man a little lost who follows a university course of no less than 11 years in osteopathy and occupational therapy to finally abandon everything to practice the profession that leads him today to make audiences laugh all over the province.

His skilfully crafted story is punctuated with tasty anecdotes, notably about a catastrophic washer move, questionable teamwork and hard to believe at school, a date that does not lift, a trip to Disneyworld under the sign of revenge, all told with candor and charisma, the whole thing becoming funnier and funnier as the show.

Guillaume Pineault is on tour throughout Quebec. The dates of his shows can be found on his website.

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