Humor: Phil Roy makes people laugh and cry with “Philou”

Humor : Phil Roy makes people laugh and cry with «Philou”

Phil Roy

Phil Roy has an undeniable talent for storytelling. Quick-witted and fast on his skates, he knows how to relate his anecdotes with theatricality and enthusiasm. He puts this ability to work for personal stories in his second solo show, Philou.

The title is not insignificant: Philou is the affectionate nickname given to him by his parents. . And it is precisely family relationships that are being discussed on stage. Those that we develop with our parents in childhood, in adolescence, then in adulthood. And those that we are about to discover by founding a family in turn; the comedian has been a dad since December 24.

Despite a slow start addressing somewhat conventional themes, the show becomes more and more funny and original as the evening progresses. Phil Roy manages at times to move away from humor to talk about difficult issues, without ever losing his rhythm.

Special mention to his delirious reinterpretation of the romantic comedy for teens: She has it all.

Phil Roy presents his show Philou on tour throughout Quebec.

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