Hydro-Québec: Brochu's departure is “personal”, according to Legault

Hydro-Québec: Brochu's departure is «personal

Quebec Premier François Legault.

For this return to parliament in 2023, François Legault wants to meet the four opposition leaders, including the leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec, whose party does not sit in the National Assembly. He wants to hear their ideas on energy policy as well as the other challenges of 2023.

Regarding the departure of Sophie Brochu from the management of Hydro-Québec, the Prime Minister affirms that the choice of the leader is personal. He contradicted claims that the vision of Ms. Brochu, who would have preferred energy optimization rather than new dams, differed from that of her government.

The president and CEO of the state-owned company said in October 2022 that she would remain in her position as long as the company was “able to assert the great prerogatives of the need for the energy system”.

“We are looking for who will be in development mode given that it will be necessary to increase electricity production by 50% by 2050”, explained François Legault, in a press briefing. Sophie Brochu had shown mixed feelings about the construction of new dams.

A research assistant at the Trottier Energy Institute, Éloïse Edom, met by Métro, would promote energy sobriety, a systemic approach and global and the development of wind power.

Ms. Brochu had also expressed fears about the possibility that Hydro-Québec would become the Dollarama of clean electricity under the Legault government. In response to a journalist, the Prime Minister denied wanting to make the company the Dollarama of electricity, preferring to speak of “creating wealth and additional income”.

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