Hydro-Québec warns against cases of fraud

Hydro-Québec warns of cases of fraud

Hydro-Québec's head office.

Hydro-Québec warned the population of the province on Twitter about a series of fraudulent messages circulating on social networks concerning services from the Crown corporation.

Hydro-Québec reminds you not to click on questionable links or if the messages do not come directly from them. If a person believes they have been phished, they can write directly to Hydro-Québec’s fraud prevention and monitoring division to report the event and then change their personal information.

This series of messages fraud occurs while the fallout from the ice storm is still perceptible for hundreds of thousands of homes in Montreal, still without power at the time of this writing. This is particularly the case for the West Island where the frustration and concern is palpable in the face of reconnection delays.

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