I won't get rid of my petrol car

I will not get rid of my petrol car

In many major cities around the world, September 22 is Car Free Day. Obviously, it mainly targets motorists in urban areas to improve air quality and reduce noise pollution.

I would like to point out that this day is mainly intended for cities, because unfortunately public transport does not cannot meet all of the needs of the population across the province, particularly in the regions.

Clearly, we're not going to settle the car overuse debate today, but the idea is that we think about alternatives together. And when I write solution, I don't mean electric…  

Oh no? No!

I get asked that question all the time. Just last weekend, my 11-year-old nephew, worried and concerned about the future of the planet, asked me why I was driving a gas-powered car in 2022.  

It's simple, because my old car is still very good. I affectionately call him my little zebra. Black scratched in white, its body may not be the sexiest, but it allows me to get to my destination when I need to (read here: when I travel long distances). Otherwise, in Montreal, I do like you, I take the bus or the metro. We have to stop thinking that because it's electric, it's better for the environment. You know what's “most best”? It is to use what we have before consuming something new. 

Yes, it's attractive to buy an electric car, but keep in mind that a new consumer good is a potential waste, whether it's a brand new sweater, a new cell phone or a “greener” car. If I make a habit of disposing of an asset when I no longer want it, or when obsolescence has played into my head enough… that really isn't the best strategy for taking care of it. the planet. 

To come back to electric cars, life cycle analysis reveals that we have to travel 80,000 kilometers for the life cycle (manufacture, use, recyclability of batteries ) is equivalent to that of a gasoline-powered car. But you know, the figures… However, if we only focus on GHG emissions, the electric car can emit up to 80% less GHG per vehicle over 300 km of use. 

Public transport and the car are complementary. Stop pitting them against each other. I have a car, but I take public transport as often as possible, at least depending on my destination. In any case, on this day that promotes transportation differently, let's take advantage of our bike ride or our metro journey to reflect on our consumption habits in general. Buying, consuming, throwing away… Isn't that what's a bit outdated in 2022?

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