Ice storm: Revenu Québec offers relief to disaster victims

Ice storm: Income Québec offers flexibility for disaster victims

Revenu Québec will be flexible in processing tax returns from citizens hard hit by the ice storm, which could be submitted late.

People who are unable to file their tax return within the time limit – i.e. until next May 1st – will be able to make a “request for flexibility regarding interest and penalties”, through form MR-94.1.

“Revenu Québec will show flexibility with respect to customers who suffered the repercussions of the freezing rain episode and for whom the fulfillment of their tax obligations on time is compromised. In fact, citizens and businesses have expressed concern about their ability to file their income tax returns within the prescribed deadlines,” declared Revenu Québec.

After receiving this form, Revenu Québec indicates that the files concerned will be analyzed on a case-by-case basis.

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